Trick Williams discusses his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

WWE NXT champion Trick Williams speaks with The Sporting Tribune's Fredo Cervantes as he gets ready for NXT Battleground in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams is rising through the ranks, marking the beginning of a promising career.

At NXT Spring Breakin, Williams defeated Ilja Dragunov to become the new NXT Champion. Williams is prepared to defend his title at NXT Battleground this upcoming Sunday in Las Vegas. However, the WWE has not yet announced his opponent.

On Monday, Williams spoke to The Sporting Tribune about what is coming up in this weekend’s main event, life before wrestling, and admitting to going to Shawn Michaels’ office and requesting an opportunity for a title match.

Williams discussed the possibility of facing Page this Sunday at NXT Battleground.

“I know Ethan Page tried to skip line and jumping to our show and take out the champ, he must’ve bumped his head,” Williams told The Sporting Tribune. “Up to this point, still haven’t been told who my challenger will be.”

Michaels is the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative at WWE.

Williams joined WWE in February 2021 and made his professional wrestling debut on September 14, 2021.

He is now the face of NXT, prominently featured throughout there shows. I asked Williams about the time he approached Michaels and wanting the chance at the belt.

Michaels told him, “No, you’re doing great at what you are doing, which is working alongside Carmelo Hayes.”

He proceeded to tell Williams that there are always lots of wrestlers thinking they are ready for the spotlight, but he clearly sees that they are not ready.

“If he gives me an opportunity and I’m not ready for it, I may be sitting on the bench for a while,” Williams told The Sporting Tribune. “That’s what he told me. He decided it was time, maybe a few weeks later after that.”

Williams was a fan of WWE during the 90s Attitude Era. He reminisces about his favorite moments and the first cuss word he learned, which was from his favorite wrestler.

“Open a can of whoop-ass!” Williams fondly recalls his favorite wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, uttering his iconic line at the age of three.

Williams mentioned that growing up, he loved the WWE and admired wrestlers such as Austin, The Rock, HHH, Booker T, and Edge.

Williams wouldn’t be here today if the Philadelphia Eagles hadn’t released him in 2018. He was a wide receiver at Hampton University before transferring to South Carolina. His journey into the WWE started at a try-out session as he was not accepted right away.

In 2020, when Covid-19 affected the world, it gave Williams the opportunity to move to California to continue pursuing wrestling training with former WWE superstar Rikishi. He later went back for another tryout, made the cut, and the rest is history.