Wrestlemania Night One Results

The stars shined bright in Hollywood on night one of WrestleMania at SoFi Stadium.

Austin Theory (C) vs John Cena for the United States Championship:

Cena’s first Wrestlemania was the opening match for U.S title and now nineteen years later his possible last wrestle mania he opens for the U.S. title. The match began with Cena toying with Theory until Theory bite Cena’s ear and took advantage. The self proclaimed “Now” was able to secure two early near falls with a running blockbuster and rolling dropkick. Theory got overconfident though and went for the kick again only to be caught by Cena into an STF. Theory would then once again bite his hand to escape and retake control of the match. After a few minutes of Austin Theory control, Cena comes back with his classic moves with two shoulder tackles, slam, and five knuckle shuffle. When going for the Attitude Adjustment he knocked into the ref taking him down. Cena locked in the STF and Theory tapped but the ref was still down. Theory was aware of this and hit Cena with a low blow than the A-Town Down for the win. A disappointing ending for the fans in the opener.

Winner: And Still United States Champion Austin Theory

Wrestlemania Men’s showcase: Ricochet and Braun Stowman vs Alpha Academy vs Street Profits vs Viking Raiders:

The match started off fast paced with Ricochet and Chad Gable and until the heavyweight Otis came in to hit Ricochet like a truck. This then led to all four teams squaring off in the middle of ring. The Viking Raider stood tall until Strowman took the two big men down at the same time. When he wasn’t looking though Chad Gable came from behind to show off freakish strength and GERMAN SUPLEX BRAUN STROWMAN! Gable followed this by landing a moonsault, then the big man Ivar hit a MOONSAULT, THEN BRAUN STROWMAN HIT A SPLASH! If this match couldn’t get anymore crazier 5 of the competitors hit a tower of doom and Ricochet flew off the top rope taking them all down. After this Ricochet’s partner, Stowman, went on a run away train around the ring taking everyone down until Angelo Dawkins intercepted him sending him into the barricade. With the momentum in the Profits favor Dawkins countered a shooting star by Ricochet leading to a from The Heavens Frog Splash from Montez Ford, picking up the win for the fan favorites.

Winners: The Street Profits

Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul:

They both came out with flashy entrances with Logan Paul zip lining to the stage accompanied by some dressed as a prime energy drink, his drink brand. Seth was accompanied by the Los Angeles orchestra conductor leading the crowd in singing his battle hymn. The match started with Rollins soaking in his adoring fan singing his theme song. They had some back and fourth until Rollins had enough and took Paul down laying into him with ground and pound punches. Paul turned things around with a spring board clothesline and a huge body shot. It’s important to remember Paul has a 40 millimeter screw in his right hand, it is there from a hand injury in his past. The maverick stayed ahead of the visionary and stopped a flurry of offense with a gut wrench suplex. Paul got overzealous and went for a moonsault but Rollins rolled out of the way giving him the advantage he needed. A energized Rollins took to the skys hitting three suicide dives. Rollins showed his distain for Paul by stomping his hands on the steel steps! Back in the ring Paul countered the pedigree with roll up pins and then a big knock out punch but with the hand Rollins stomped. Paul was in too much pain to make a quick cover allowing Rollins to kick out. Paul went for a big move but Rollins changed his plans with a sit out power bomb. He would go for stomp but the prime energy drink pulled Paul out of the ring and was revealed to be Youtube star KSI! KSI and Paul set Rollins on to the announce table. Paul went for a frog splash through the table but Rolling pulled KSI on to the table making Logan put KSI though the table! The visionary through Paul back in the ring and hit a pedigree! 1,2, KICKOUT BY PAUL! Paul retook advantage with a GTS and frog splash but all of that still couldn’t put Rollins away! A frustrated and cocky Paul went to the top rope for a coast to coast but Rollins popped up and land a super kick right on the Jaw giving him the chance to hit the stomp to finally put an end to Logan Paul.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Damage CTRL vs Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus:

This is the most unbelievable match on this card. The fact that Lita and Trish Stratus are wrestling in 2023 is nothing but amazing. The legends and Lynch didn’t wait until the bell started to get the action going. With the early advantage Lynch looked to put Dakota Kai away quickly but Kai countered. Damage CTRL was in control until Lita came in and showed off her athleticism. The 47 year old Lita took down IYO SKY with a hurricanrana, threw her into the ropes with her legs, and took took down with her legs. While the ref was distracted Kai kicked Lita in the head allowing Damage CTRL to take back the match. Lita was hit with multiple double teams until she hit Bayley and Kai with a double DDT. Lita tags in Trish for the first time in the match. With an assist from her teammates Stratus through Kai into her partners with a Stratusphere on the outside. Back into the ring Lynch locked in the dis-arm-her but was broken up by Bayley. This led to a face off with the two ending with a Rose Plant on Lynch. All competitors made their way to the outside and IYO the genius of the sky showed thats why that is her nickname with an over the moonsault on everyone. The 6 continued fighting in the ring ending with Lynch and the hall of famers hitting all their finishers. Stratus landed the chick kick, Lita hit the twist of fate and Litasault, and Lynch finished Bayley with a manhandle slam off the turnbuckle. After nearly 7 months Lynch finally ends her rivalry with Damage CTRL and it is safe to say Lita and Trish still go it.

Winners: Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus:

Father vs Son: Dominic Mysterio of the Judgement Day vs Rey Mysterio:

A match years in the making even bad bunny couldn’t miss it who was on Spanish commentary. Dominic played off how he went to jail and was escorted to the ring in a police car and police officers. He also disrespected his father by coming out in a Judgement Day style Rey Mysterio mask. Rey Mysterio one upped his son by paying homage to his late great best friend Eddie Guerrero’s by coming out to his theme song and in his lowrider driven by none other than Snoop Dogg! The newly minted WWE hall of famer also had his wife and daughter watching at ringside, hoping he would beat some sense into their son/brother.

The more than personal match up began with Dominic using his size advantage and Rey using his speed and veteran instinct. Rey trapped Dom in the turnbuckle and wiped him with a belt like a child. Dom then came face to face with his mother sister and threw a drink his own sister’s faces! Rey had to calm her down allowing Dom to take advantage. Dom continued to abuse his father and mouthed off to his own mother until she had enough and slapped the taste of his mouth. Rey hit a seated seton and springboard cross body for a near fall. Another near fall with a sunset flip power bomb. Finn Balor and Damien Priest of The Judgement Day came out to distracted Rey letting Dom retake the match with brutal looking alley oop face buster into the turnbuckle. Rey throws Dom to the ropes for a 619 but when he goes for a frog splash The Judgement Day causes another distraction. The new Latino World Order, Legado de Fantasma, came out to even the odds and take out Priest and Balor. Dom once again disrespects his father by hitting him with the moves Rey made famous the 619 and frog splash… BUT REY KICKS OUT! The biggest little man refuses to stay down. A frustrated Dominic removes a the turnbuckle pad to revel steel. While the Ref reapplies the pad Dominic grabs a large chain to hit his father with. BUT BAD BUNNY MAKES THE SAVE AND GRABS IT AWAY FROM HIM! Rey lands the 619 and frog splash to finally beat Dominic. After months of torment Rey finally conquered his son and celebrates with the rest of his family in the ring.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rhea Ripley of The Judgement Day vs Charlotte Flair (C) for the Smackdown Women’s Championship:

Ripley looked to avenge her Wrestlemania 36 loss to Flair and score a win over her. Ripley notable has no one from The Judgement Day with her and has black face paint going down dripping down her forehead. Charlotte came out dressed like a queen and made her classic Wrestlemania entrances. This is also the first ever Wrestlemania match consisting of all women: two woman competitors, a female referee, and a female ring announcer. The first royal rumble winner match of the weekend kicked off as a standstill. The royal rumble winner Ripley exuded confidence but the 14 time women’s champion Charlotte gave it right back to her. Ripley showed why she is the eradicater and threw Flair face first into the turnbuckle. She stayed in control and landed Charlotte on the back of her neck with a German suplex. Charlotte comes back with some of offense of her own. She hits classic Flair chops and begins to systematically disect Ripley’s leg. Flair jumped off the top rope but it is caught by Ripley into a riptide until Flair counters with a fantastic DDT mid move. Both women then send each other to ground with simultaneous big boots. Flair counters a Ripley flurry with an exploder suplex and goes to the top with a moonsault but Ripley jumps back up and grabs Flair for a devastating avalanche German suplex. Both women get back up and Charlotte kicks Ripley’s leg down for Natural Selection but Ripley kicks out. Ripley retakes advantage but Flair big boots her out of the ring followed by moonsault on the outside of the ring. Flair goes for spear and almost hits the ref letting Ripley land a deadly head butt to the back of the head followed by a Riptide! It looks like we have a new champion but Flair won’t go down that easily. Ripley right back on her with a clover leaf submission. Flair screams in agony but gets out and hits a big spear! Ripley still kicks out! Flair goes for the figure four but before she can bridge into the figure eight, the move that previously beat her, Ripley gets a rope break. Both women get to the top rope but Ripley slams Flair’s head into the top of the ring post. A confident grin crosses Ripley’s face as she finishes off her nemesis with a top rope avalanche Riptide!

Winner: And New Smackdown Women’s Championship Rhea Ripley

The Miz and Snoop Dogg announces the attendance 80,497. Snoop says the only thing tonight is missing is a match form The Miz. Miz says he sent out an open challenge but no one answered because he is the toughest man in the building. Then RETURNING PAT MCAFEE COMES OUT TO ACCEPT! Miz says he may be the host but he can’t make matches happen. But Snoop Dogg can and the match begins!

Pat Mcfee vs The Miz:

The Miz still has his suit on and Macfee lays punches into the Miz and finishes the flurry with a spin buster. Macfee backflips off the top rope and super kicks The Miz out of mid air. The Miz tries to leave and disrespects NFL player George Kittle who is ringside. Kittle jumps the barricade and lays Miz out with a clothesline. Macafee hits a swanton on the outside and throws The Miz back inside the ring. He ends the match a punt to The Miz’s face.

Winner: Pat Macafee

Main Event: Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match The Usos (C) vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens:

Lil Uzi Vert performed “I Just Wanna Rock” before the tag team champions the Usos came out. When Sami Zayn walked out and was announced the crowd erupted in cheers. This is possibly the most anticipated match of both nights, and it is one of the best stories in recent memory. Having this as the main event of night one is perfect. Owens and Zayn have been fighting the Bloodline for months and look to somehow end the 620 day championship reign of the Usos. The match began with fan favorite Sami Zayn going against his former “brother” in The Bloodline Jey Uso. Jey gets early control for his team. Zayn gets a hot tag allowing Owens to hit a cannon ball to both Usos on the outside. Owens follows with a frog splash to Jimmy on the outside and then another frog splash to Jey on the inside. Owens goes to for swanton bomb on Jey but he gets the knees up leading to an Uso splash for Jimmy. Missed Uso hip attack in the corner, two superkicks and a corner cannon ball from Owens. To the top rope Jey stops Owens but Sami hits a brutal brain buster on the apron followed by a swanton bomb from Owens. Then Zayn hits Jimmy with an Uso splash! Kick out! Jey tags himself him in and Sami doesn’t know. He hits Jimmy with a blue thunder bomb and Jey breaks it up with a super kick. Then super kick after super kick after super kick. Owens comes in and eats a double super kick. Continues relentless super kicks to Zayn. Usos go for the 1D but Owens stops and surprise rollup from Zayn 1,2, kick out! On the outside Owens fights back but the Uso stop him. All three men stand on the Spanish announce table and drive Owens through the English announce table a slam! Usos go for the finish on Zayn with a 1D. It appears one and done. 1…2…KICK OUT! NO ONE HAS EVER KICKED OUT OF THE ONE AND DONE! Jey is furious and mocks Zayn by hitting his own move The Helluva kick! And with a call back to Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens at Battleground 2016, Jey stops Zayn from falling to the ground. He yells Zayn should have never left the bloodline but Zayn hits an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle! Hot Tag to Owens! Pop up power bomb to Jey! Pop Powerbomb to Jimmy! Helluva Kick to Jey! Stunner to Jimmy! KICK OUT FROM JIMMY! All four men brawl, a super kick party ensues leaving the Usos standing. They both go to the top rope. DOUBLE USO SPLASH AND OWENS STILL KICKS OUT! Owens refuses to leave with out the titles! Double Super kick to Owens in the corner! Usos look like they are going for a top rope 1D. Zayn throws Jimmy out of the ring. Owens with an avalanche neck breaker, and a tag to Sami! One Helluva kick to Jey! Two Helluva kicks to Jey! Jimmy runs in to stop but is intercepted by Owens with a Stunner! a smirk crosses Zayn’s face… Three Helluva Kicks to Jey! 1…2…3! KEVIN OWNS AND SAMI ZAYN HAVE WON THE UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM TITLES IN THE MAIN EVENT OF WRESTLEMANIA! They have ended the longest tag team title reign in WWE history! The biggest crowd reaction of the night and the stadium blows up with applause!

Winners: And New Undisputed Tag Team Champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Night one of the showcase of the immortals was nothing short of spectacular. From start to finish it was amazing. Every match had the fans on the edge of their seats. This will be a tough night to follow but there is another exciting night of action tomorrow night. With the cracks in the bloodline bigger than ever will Roman Reigns finally be dethroned by Cody Rhode? Only time will tell. As for now this was night one of Wrestlemania.

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