WrestleMania 39 night two recap and grades

Roman Reigns shows the world why he is still the Undisputed Universal Champion.

It was night two of WrestleMania 39 at SoFi Stadium. The real question was how the night two performance would hold up after strong night one. It took a while for the excitement to get going on Sunday, but the ending was something else.

Here are the grades for night two of WrestleMania:

The Beast versus The Nigerian Giant

This was a little rough to watch because Omos hasn’t improved much in the ring. Lesnar was allowed to be used as a rag doll for a good portion of time until he was unleashed. He was able to suplex Omos about four times, then hit him with an F-5.

Who knows where WWE goes with Omos after this?

Brock Lesnar defeats Omos

Grade: C-

Women’s four-way tag team

It seemed like every team was able to shine, especially Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. Morgan, everyone knows, is a bonafide star, while Rodriguez is starting to gain some momentum. She had the crowd behind her at the Royal Rumble, close to her hometown.

The one team that didn’t do much in this match was the team that won. Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler ended up with the victory, but it was kind of flat. Rousey was booed in her hometown and was booed after she won the match. Fans may be growing tired of the former champion. This sets up a Rousey and Baszler versus Becky Lynch and Lita for the tag championship match. When Lynch has faced Rousey in the past has been fun, especially on the mic.

Rousey and Baszler win

Grade: D

Gunther vs. Sheamus vs. McIntyre

How to describe this match? This started the show. All three superstars showed why they are three of the best in WWE. Sheamus was vicious in this match, especially to McIntyre when he was near the ropes. Instead of the Ten Beats to the Chest, he went to 26 until McIntyre collapsed.

All three men’s chest looked like they had been hit by a frying pan numerous times, and it was bleeding. Gunther is a superstar. The guy can do it all, so it is not surprising that during the week, he said he will be main eventing WrestleMania 40. He is next.

Gunther beats McIntyre and Sheamus.

Grade: A

The EST vs. The Empress

This match started slowly, but once both women felt comfortable, it got going quickly. Asuka is so talented and can work with anyone. It is mind-blowing to know she is 0-5 at ‘Mania. She kind of went on a Twitter rant. It will be interesting to see what happens with her moving forward.

Belair is so over it isn’t even funny. The fans love her and cheer her on no matter whom she is facing. After being champion for over a year, what is next for her? It will be interesting to see what direction WWE turns to next, especially with Backlash still a month away.

These ladies put on a show on Sunday.

Bianca Belair retains against Asuka

Grade: A-

Snoop vs. The Miz

Where to start with this? It was the second night in a row Snoop Dogg had The Miz fight a surprise guest. This time is the prince wonder Shane McMahon to which the crowd went wild. The fans love Shane O’Mac. He ended up tearing his quad three moves into the match.

Here is where it goes interesting because Snoop took matters into his own hands and started attacking The Miz. He even did The Rocks signature the people’s elbow and gracefully ran the ropes. He pinned The Miz for the victory.

It was weird, especially considering guys like Bobby Lashley and LA Knight didn’t have a match.

Snoop Dogg defeats The Miz

Grade: I (Improv)

The Rated R Superstar vs. The Demon

Anytime Edge’s music hits, “You think you know me…” it is an adrenaline rush. Seeing Finn Balor’s entrance was nice, mainly because the crowd was into it. Since he is with Judgement Day, they haven’t had a chance to see his entrance.

The match itself was okay. They had to stall the match at one point because Edge hit Balor with a ladder that he didn’t catch, so his head was busted open. There was a cool spot where Balor jumped from halfway up the cage onto Edge, who was on a table, but the veteran moved out of the way.

Edge won the match, which was surprising, especially because Balor could have used a solid victory. Hopefully, this is the end of the rivalry, and both guys can focus on other competitors.

Edge defeats The Demon

Grade: B

The Tribal Chief vs. The American Nightmare

“Out the curtain, lights go up I’m home…WOAH!” That woah was felt all over SoFi and possibly worldwide by whoever was watching. It was a pro-Cody Rhodes crowd. The Tribal Chief was booed from the moment he walked down the ramp.

The match itself was fantastic, especially with all of the near falls. By the way, Reigns has now overtaken John Cena as a near-fall-kick-out guy. It seems like right before the third-hand hits the matt, he kicks out.

Rhodes showed so much heart in this match, but it isn’t his time yet. What hurt him was the pectoral injury because he could have continued climbing the mountain to set up something more significant. He needs to face more adversity, but he is the guy.

Now for Reigns, they have built this story up for three years, so his time is not up yet. Fans are obviously mad that he needed help but there is a reason he is a heel. WWE has done a great job telling his story, so there was no need to stop. Reigns has dealt with the boos and ‘f*** you, Roman’ before this is nothing new. His reign continues, and it is an impressive one.

Reigns defeats Rhodes

Grade: A+

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