WNBA adds coach’s challenge to rulebook

Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

The WNBA added a coach’s challenge to the rulebook for 2023, the league announced Wednesday.

Teams will have one challenge per game, including overtime, regardless of whether the challenge is successful.

“The Coach’s Challenge will provide head coaches an opportunity to challenge an event that they believe was incorrectly called and introduces a strategic element to the WNBA game,” WNBA head of league operations Bethany Donaphin said in a news release. “We will look at the rule on a trial basis and monitor the data around its use throughout the season.”

The league also modified its rules for out-of-bounds call reviews, resumption of play procedures, bench conduct and foul calls on transition plays.

The WNBA’s 27th regular season tips off on May 19.

–Field Level Media

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