USC’s season ends against Michigan State in the first round of March Madness.

USC's poor defense and Boogie Elis's performance was the ultimate downfall.

The Trojans are out of the NCAA tournament after losing first round to the Spartan. It was an ugly game to say the least, with only a glimmer of hope in the second quarter of the game. Michigan got on the board early and USC trailed for most of the first half. In the first quarter USC only had two points in the paint while MSU had ten. With about ten minutes left in the first half the Trojans found their stride and started coming back, even leading the game 31-30 with a minute and half left. USC would hit a dagger for three and the Spartans made two field goals in the end to tie the first half 34-34. It appeared USC would be able to pull off a comeback victory but they faced a much different fate. The second half resembled the first as USC once again fell behind MSU. In the end The Trojans lost 72-62.

Michigan was simply the better team this game. Their defense was superb stopping the Trojans at ever turn and forced 11 turnovers. The Spartans also played extremely well in the paint putting in many dunks over USC and 26 field goals. Towards the end Michigan even went on a 7-0 run of making shots. The only stat USC lead over MSU was three pointers scoring two more baskets from behind the arc.

Unfortunately for USC in one of the most important games of the year the Trojans had one of their worst performances. They were not able to find the basket as leading scorer Josh Morgan only scored 14 points. One of the biggest disappointments of this game was this season’s leading scorer, Boogie Elis, only getting 6 points. The defense could not play up to caliber while the offense had multiple three minute long droughts of no baskets. They were not playing well in the paint and could not get turnovers.

How it happened: The turning point of the game was the beginning of the second half when the Spartans started off hot and pulled away quickly. They shut the Trojans down and never looked back.

What it means: This is the final game of the Trojan basketball season and the final season for co captains Boogie Elis and Drew Peterson.

Hits: Josh Morgan was the best player for USC scoring 14 points total.

Misses: Boogie Elis was expected to have a big game and be a leading scorer but with thirty seconds left he fouled out with only six total points. If Boogie played better it is very likely USC could have pulled out a victory.

Stat of the game: Elis’s six points is shocking given he has had multiple twenty and over games. His career high is also 33 points.

Up next: Trojan fans will have to wait until next fall to see USC basketball again. Next season looks promising as there are a lot of returning stars as well as the nation’s number one recruit Isaiah Collier.

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