USC goes into the bye week confident but not content

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The Trojans head to a bye-week after a pouring on the points through three games. Is this the team of destiny, to get the Trojans to the playoffs?

LOS ANGELES — It’s the bye week for the USC Trojans, so that means everyone’s a winner. USC can’t ask for much more through the first three games across all three levels. Despite giving up 28 points in their opening contest against San Jose State, USC has given up a combined 24 points in their latest two contests against Nevada and Stanford. For what it’s worth, the Trojans gave up 28 to the Cardinals last season and just 10 this season. USC defensive coordinator Alex Grinch seems remarkably settled in through his first three games, and a Trojan defense who caught a lot of flack last season looks locked and loaded to keep up with high-octane Pac-12 offenses this season.

Offensively, you cannot say much more than ‘wow.’ From the depth of receivers to the efficient running backs, to the stellar play of Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams., it’s the best offense in the country. I asked USC coach Lincoln Riley if there was “anyone on the offense he wanted to get more touches?” He calmly shook his head and said:

“Not particularly. The guys that are playing the best, ball’s gonna find them. It’s gonna be different guys, different weeks. As long as we’re producing, moving the ball, and helping the team win, that’s all I care about.”

Coach Lincoln Riley

Coach Riley weighs-in on who he wants to get more involved in the offense 👀 😂 #usc #trojans #cfb

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As the Trojans dive headfirst into Pac-12 play (and soon their rivalry game against Notre Dame next month), I’d like to see Singer get the ball more and make the impact I imagine he’d make for USC.

On the defensive side of the ball, USC defensive coordinator Alex Grinch has to feel good about his side of the ball through its first three games, especially the last two contests. I asked Grinch about the development of the star on the front seven, Solomon Byrd, and this is what he had to say:

“I mean to watch Solomon, you talk about a guy who’s playing on a different level right now. It’s been exciting to watch. That’s one of those things, though, for any defense, when you have that kind of production in become expectation. He (Byrd) is someone I would highlight, and I don’t wanna sound like I’m surprised, but he just missed a lot of time in spring football and that offseason surgery. But a guy that’s come back at a different level. He’s certainly been the MVP so far.”

Coach Alex Grinch

The brightest spot on the defense has been Solomon Byrd. He could really be an NFL caliber player. USC’s DC, Alex Grinch, weighs-in #usc #trojans #cfb

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I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been impressed with Jaylin Smith, Muhammad, and Sullivan, but Byrd has blown me away. I’ve stated in another article Byrd will be a guy playing at this rate. I vehemently agree . As Grinch said, has has been the defensive MVP thus far.

All in all, the three games have been tune-ups for the Trojans, to put it plain and simple. Arizona State next Saturday should be more of the same before the Trojans head to Boulder, Colo, to face Coach Prime and the nation’s darlings, the Colorado Buffaloes.