TSM to leave League Championship Series

TSM will leave the League Championship Series in League of Legends play, CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh announced Saturday.

“I know the community has been waiting for an update, and we want to be transparent with you guys,” Reginald said. “We have made the tough decision to start the process of transitioning to another tier one region. This may feel sudden, but to be honest, we’ve been actively working towards this for the last three years.

“I believe moving to another region will reignite our hunger to doing whatever it takes to win a world championship.”

TSM have undergone changes of late, with Sang-hyeon “Reven” Seong reportedly replacing Xing Lei”Chawy” Wong as the team’s head coach. The club also has parted ways with general manager Glen Yang, team manager Kristine Huang, and COO Walter Wang.

–Field Level Media

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