Three teams open 2-0 at NBA 2K League’s 3v3 Switch Open

Knicks Gaming, Celtics Crossover Gaming and Pacers Gaming each won two matches as the NBA 2K League’s 3v3 Switch Open got underway Tuesday night.

The event is the league’s second of the season, after Pistons GT captured the Slam Open championship on Saturday in Washington.

The Knicks downed Kings Guard Gaming and Grizz Gaming, both by 3-0 scores.

The Pacers earned a 3-1 win over T-Wolves Gaming, the Slam Open runner-up, then defeated Raptors Uprising GC 3-1.

The Celtics got past Lakers Gaming 3-2 and then beat the Grizz 3-1.

In other Tuesday action, the T-Wolves defeated 76ers GC 3-1, NetsGC claimed the final two games to nip Jazz Gaming 3-2, the Raptors slipped past Wizards District Gaming 3-2, DUX Infinitos posted a 3-2 win over Cavs Legion GC, the 76ers beat the Wizards 3-2 and the Kings squeezed past the Lakers 3-2.

Action continues on Wednesday with 12 matches:
–Wizards District Gaming vs. Pacers Gaming
–NetsGC vs. Magic Gaming
–Celtics Crossover Gaming vs. Knicks Gaming
–76ers GC vs. Raptors Uprising GC
–T-Wolves Gaming vs. Wizards District Gaming
–Grizz Gaming vs. Kings Guard Gaming
–Knicks Gaming vs. Lakers Gaming
–Heat Check Gaming vs. Hawks Talon GC
–Magic Gaming vs. DUX Infinitos
–Kings Guard Gaming vs. Celtics Crossover Gaming
–Lakers Gaming vs. Grizz Gaming
–Raptors Uprising GC vs. T-Wolves Gaming

NBA 2K League’s 3v3 Switch Open standings
T1. Knicks Gaming, 2-0
T1. Celtics Crossover Gaming, 2-0
T1. Pacers Gaming, 2-0
T4. NetsGC, 1-0
T4. DUX Infinitos, 1-0
T6. Kings Guard Gaming, 1-1
T6. Raptors Uprising GC, 1-1
T6. 76ers GC, 1-1
T6. T-Wolves Gaming, 1-1
T10. Magic Gaming, 0-0
T10. Heat Check Gaming, 0-0
T10. Hawks Talon GC, 0-0
T10. Blazer5 Gaming, 0-0
T10. Bucks Gaming, 0-0
T10. Gen.G Tigers, 0-0
T10. Hornets Venom GT, 0-0
T10. Mavs Gaming, 0-0
T10. NBL Oz Gaming, 0-0
T10. Pistons GT, 0-0
T10. Warriors Gaming Squad, 0-0
T21. Jazz Gaming, 0-1
T21. Cavs Legion GC, 0-1
T23. Grizz Gaming, 0-2
T23. Lakers Gaming, 0-2
T23. Wizards District Gaming, 0-2

–Field Level Media

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