The Sporting Tribune’s Survivor Series predictions

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Will CM Punk return to the WWE at Survivor Series in Chicago?

CHICAGO — Chicago is one of the world’s greatest wrestling cities in the world, specifically the now called All-State Arena is one of two venues in the world to  host WrestleMania, it has hosted multiple Extreme Rules, Backlash, Money In The Bank, Payback, NXT Takeover’s, and now it’s 3rd Survivor Series. Keep in mind that is just WWE events this venue has hosted you can add countless WCW, Wrestling Classic’s to the mix in ode to the Rosemont Horizon namesake of the past. 

Despite that tonight is the largest WWE attended event in the arena’s history, anticipation for the ‘What If’ factor that only wrestling and marvel post credit scenes can create but also speaks to the boom period has been for the past year if not longer, setting gate records, viewership records on Peacock, and record revenue across the globe from PLE’s (Premium Live Events aka PPVs) and to house show’s across the country. With that being said it’s time to address the pipe bomb in the room. 

  1. CM Punk will return tonight

Let’s be clear I have no inside information, I’m not Sean Ross Sapp. I think it’s comical that In Loving Colour released a 2023 Cult of Personality update to streaming services 24 hours ahead of Survivor Series that coincidentally takes place in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago. Reports that CM Punk hasn’t talked to the top stars of WWE, doesn’t have a non-compete clause, is wanted, isn’t wanted I just believe Triple H will do what’s best for business and putting CM Punk in top matches and away from the “mix” of the locker room is something WWE can pull off. In a world of AEW vs WWE, strings are always being pulled and I think they should make it happen now at the Royal Rumble in Tampa Bay, Florida but tonight in Chicago and make this fan leaving Smackdown extremely happy (I’m pulling for you dude!)

  1. Damian Priest will cash in on Seth Rollins 

Post-War Games Chaos – I believe Team Rhodes wins and Judgement Day attacks afterwards which creates the Damian Priest cash-in

  1. Bayley leaves Damage CTRL

Bayley posted a photo on Instagram about the four horsewomen including Mercedes Mone aka Sasha Banks and boy would that be the craziest WWE Return? A boy can dream

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