Secret, Tundra reach International upper bracket final

Team Secret and Tundra Esports swept their way into The International 2022 upper-bracket final in Singapore.

Secret defeated Thunder Awaken on Saturday, winning in 44 minutes on green and 42 minutes on red. Tundra also won 2-0, beating Team Aster in 50 minutes on green and 40 minutes on red.

Team Secret and Tundra Esports will meet on Oct. 29, with the winner advancing to the best-of-five grand final on Oct. 30. The current prize pool for the Dota 2 event is up to $17.3 million.

Thunder Awaken and Team Aster dropped into Round 4 of the lower bracket.

In Saturday’s lower-bracket Round 2 action, OG and Team Liquid both stayed alive with 2-1 victories.

OG opened with a 39-minute win on green against Gaimin Gladiators, who evened the match with a 55-minute victory on green. OG eliminated GG with a 41-minute triumph, also on green.

Liquid began with a 34-minute win on red against Entity, who answered with a 43-minute win on red. Liquid sent Entity home with a 52-minute decision on green.

The main event continues this weekend:
–beastcoast vs. PSG.LGD (lower bracket Round 3)
–OG vs. Team Liquid (lower bracket Round 3)
–Team Aster vs. beastcoast/PSG.LGD winner (lower bracket Round 4)
–Thunder Awaken vs. OG/Liquid winner (lower bracket Round 4)

The International 2022 prize pool:
No. 1 — 45 percent of total: TBD
No. 2 — 13 percent: TBD
No. 3 — 9 percent: TBD
No. 4 — 6 percent: TBD
5th-6th — 3.5 percent: TBD
7th-8th — 2.5 percent: TBD
9th-12th — 2 percent: Evil Geniuses, BOOM Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Entity
13th-16th –1.5 percent: Hokori, Team Spirit, Fnatic, Royal Never Give Up
17th-18th — .25 percent: Soniqs, Talon Esports
19th-20th — .25 percent: BetBoom Team, TSM

–Field Level Media

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