Report: Changes provide minimal impact on LCS viewership

Despite a change to weekday broadcasts, the North American League of Legends series has only seen a slight change in viewership numbers from a year ago, reported.

With mostly weekend broadcast days for the Summer Split last year, League Championship Series action drew an average of around 115,000 viewers.

With Spring Split moved to weekdays this year, LCS viewership averaged 101,000 despite concerns that it would be much lower.

New content and new players have helped boost intrigue, with that concept supported by the fact that four of the top five games for viewership came on the first day of the season as teams were debuting their new rosters.

Peak viewership came on the first day of the Spring Split when 178,000 watched Cloud9 face 100 Thieves.

According to the report, the North America numbers pale in comparison to Europe, where the LEC Spring Split hit a peak of 348,000 viewers and the top five games for viewership reached at least 290,000.

LCS numbers are expected to rise for the playoffs, which start March 23.

–Field Level Media

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