Reject Winnity win 2024 Split 1 ALGS Playoff Champions

Reject Winnity started off by winning the third game of their first series and finishing around the middle of the pact after the conclusion of the 6 games.

LOS ANGELES — The Galen Center, in the heart of LA, has been full of energy all weekend as history was made through the 2024 Split 1 ALGS Playoffs. On days 1 and 2 Alliance broke the single game elimination record and Dark Zero broke the record for most points scored in the group stage of the playoffs. On day 3, O7 emerged victorious in the final game of the Winner’s Bracket to advance to the Match Point Finals. Then in Match Point Finals Disguised Gaming almost won the whole tournament after accumulating only 16 points through 4 games. There were twists and turns throughout the whole tournament, however, there was 1 constant: Reject Winnity. Your 2024 Split 1 ALGS Playoff champions.

In the group stage, Reject Winnity started off by winning the third game of their first series and finishing around the middle of the pact after the conclusion of the 6 games. Series 2 was more of the same as despite not putting up the flashiest of numbers they found themselves comfortably inside the top half of the bracket. All Reject needed to do at this point was stay consistent to advance to the winner’s bracket, and stay consistent they did. After a slow first game in their final group stage series, Winnity would go on to win 2 of their last 5 games finishing with over 130 points. This positioned them comfortably inside the winner’s bracket in 5th place behind Fnatic, Alliance, Aurora, and the frontrunner Dark Zero who finished the group stage with almost 250 points.

After their high level play in the group stage, the pressure was on for Reject Winnity to deliver, and deliver they did. In the first game of the Winner’s Bracket, Reject was able to claw their way to second place behind Dark Zero, who had just won their fourth tournament game in a row. However, the next game would be all Reject Winnity as they won with an impressive 11 eliminations victory in game 2. Reject would struggle briefly, placing 19th before finishing top 5 in game 4. With this strong start, Reject Winnity coasted through the final two games and comfortably sat at second place securing a 9 point advantage heading into the Match Point Finals.

In Match Points Finals, Reject Winnity started off slow only recording 3 points and placing 17th in the match. Yet, their 2nd place finish in the Winner’s Bracket gave them enough placement points to stay near the top of the leaderboards through the first match. Then in the second match, they exploded and secured the victory, propelling themselves into one of the top 2 highest scores on the leaderboard. This explosion made them a real threat to cross the 50 point threshold first, a threshold that would place them one win away from taking home the trophy. However, Reject had one obstacle in their way: Dark Zero.

By game 5 it was clear that one of the 2 teams would most likely win the tournament as they both crossed the 50-point threshold at nearly the same time. As the series headed into game 6, if either team won, the tournament was over. However, neither team got close in game 6, both falling well short of a victory by being eliminated before the final zone. Then in game 7, Winnity went down early again and had to watch on as more and more teams were being eliminated around Dark Zero.

After the dust settled and only the last few teams were left, it looked like Dark Zero was in a prime position to win the game, but then in came Legends Gaming. With a daring move, they challenged Dark Zero and wiped out the trio before being eliminated themselves. This led to game 8 where the number of teams who had crossed the 50 point threshold had jumped from 2 to 7. A third of the lobby had a chance to win the tournament, yet by the top 3, there was only 1 eligible team: Reject Winnity. As the zone closed in around them, Serenity, Cloud 9, and Reject Winnity converged on one another, gunfire raining down. One after another the members of both Cloud 9 and Serenity fell, leaving Reject Winnity the winner of the ALGS Spit 1 Playoffs.

This win marks the first time an APAC North team has won one of these tournaments and solidifies Reject Winnity as 1 of the Titians of the APEX competitive scene. However, this is not the end of this competitive season of Apex Legends. Later this year, EA will host the ALGS Spit 1 Playoffs before finishing the season off with the World championships. This week Reject Winnity will enjoy their victory as they should, but next week they will be right back at it as they continue toward their next tournament win.