Red Bull Solo Q 2023 finals to be held in London

Red Bull Solo Q, the official 1v1 League of Legends tournament, gets underway this month with the World Finals scheduled for May 18-19 at London’s Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

Qualifiers from national events in 18 countries and three regional qualifiers will make the trip to London.

The national competitions begin shortly and the regional qualifiers (North America, Europe and Latin America) will begin on April 13.

Red Bull Solo Q adds a unique twist to traditional League of Legends gameplay with a 1v1 format that paves the way for new strategies and methods to be deployed. It offers fans the unique opportunity to see champions and approaches they might not otherwise see.

As well as the unique format, Red Bull Solo Q also offers a different way of winning, as players can win by securing First Blood, taking down the opponent’s tower or reaching a 100-minion score.

The 2022 Red Bull Solo Q World Finals in New York saw Ahilleas “SneakyLemon” Natsis outlast fellow Greek player Arnas “arnax” Stepanauskas.

–Field Level Media

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