Q&A: Bryce Teodosio speeds through Arizona Fall League

Los Angeles Angels prospect Bryce Teodosio has been one of the few players in the Arizona Fall League able to turn a routine ground out into a base hit.

Teodosio only went 9-for-48 during 16 AFL games but he made use of those hits by stealing six bases (second among the Scottsdale Scorpions) and scored seven runs. 

Teodosio caught up with the Sporting Tribune to talk about his AFL experience and the art of the stolen base. 

Now that it is all said and done, how would you summarize your AFL experience?

“I’ve had an unbelievable time here. It’s been super cool to meet all these different guys from different teams. We’ve all bonded and become really good buddies so that’s been the best part for me.”

What was the most challenging aspect of playing in the AFL? 

“Obviously everyone out here is a stud, so the competition is really good, pitching is really good. You got to be locked in every single pitch.”

You finished your minor league season with 14 home runs and 28 stolen bases at Double-A Rocket City. Which stat do you take more pride in?

“My speed has always been there and I’m finally tapping into some power and trying to continue to go up from there. I’ve always been able to steal some bases and run around the field. I’ve been pretty fast my whole life.”

When you are taking your lead on first base, what are looking for before making your dash towards second base?

“I’m obviously trying to get the best jump as I possibly can on the pitcher. If he’s slow to the plate, I’m usually gonna be safe. I try to take advantage of guys who are a little bit slower to the plate.”

When did stealing bases became more strategic for you rather than a matter of natural talent? 

“Last year when I was in Low A, I really started to trust stealing bases more and felt pretty confident doing it. Just continuing to play every single day and getting those reps helped me stay confident in getting that good jump and swiping those bags.”

What is the key to making it through life in the minor leagues? 

“It’s really about being mentally tough. You’re away from family and friends all year long, grinding every single day and the guys who can be mentally tough are the guys who end up playing this game for a long time. Playing in the minor leagues isn’t always the best thing but I’ve enjoyed it, I’m learning a lot and it’s been good for me.”


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