No. 8 Utah and No. 11 Penn State love the Beef Bowl’s return

The pre-Rose Bowl feast returned, and the two teams received a delicious dinner.

LOS ANGELES — Both teams were hungry, so they received a feast. The No. 8 Utah Utes and No. 11 Penn State Nittany Lions enjoyed a prime rib dinner at Lawry’s The Prime Rib as a part of the Rose Bowl game festivities.

The event, known as the Beef Bowl, resumed after a two-year hiatus because of the coronavirus. The meal is one of the most celebrated pre-bowl game events and dates back to 1956, making it older than all but seven bowl games.

“The Beef Bowl is an opportunity for us to celebrate the players and coaches and kick off the festivities of the Rose Bowl Game,” said Ryan O’Melveny, CEO of Lawry’s Restaurants Inc. “It’s a tradition that we look forward to every year as it has been passed down through my family for generations.”

Lawry’s sent the Rose Bowl teams meals to their hotel during the Beef Bowl’s pause. However, during the 66th annual event, the tradition returned to its complete form. The Utes visited Lawry’s yesterday, Dec. 29, and the Nittany Lions went there today, Dec. 30. 

Both teams’ evenings started with one player’s recreation of Lawry’s tableside salad spin. For the Utes, offensive lineman, Falcon Kaumatule, received the honors. His teammates roared him on as he drizzled the sherry vinaigrette and mixed salad without any mistakes.

“I have never actually heard of the salad toss before, so that was actually pretty cool getting picked for that,” Kaumatule said. “[I am] just so well confident in everything I do. I just walked in there, and they picked me, so I was like, ‘alright’”

Punter Barney Amor did the same for the Nittany Lions. His vinaigrette-pouring techniques impressed his teammates, who expressed their validation through cheers. However, he lost a few pieces of lettuce while mixing the salad.

“I have worked at a bunch of restaurants, but this was the first time I have salad spun before, so that was definitely cool,” Amor said. 

After laughing and cheering on their teammates, both teams received table-side salad spins from the restaurant’s employees, who were flawless, unlike the players.

While enjoying the first course of their meals, they heard the Scholar Athlete Award winner. The recipient for the Utes was safety RJ Hubert, and for the Nittany Lions, it was linebacker Jonathan Sunderland. 

Once the formalities finished, it was time to eat. Backup quarterback Bryson Barnes made the first cut for the Utes. After a few struggles, he pulled out a thick piece of prime rib. 

“Little rusty for sure, he said. “There are a few techniques I gotta clean up.” 

Barnes rated his performance an eight out of ten. 

Defensive tackle PJ Mustipher made the first cut for the Nittany Lions. After being  labeled the most excited to have prime rib by Sunderland, Mustipher was calm while slicing the steak, creating a model-looking cut.

“Lawry’s is definitely going to fuel us… Mustipher said. “I am definitely ready for [the Rose Bowl] stage now,  

The Utes ended their dinner with a collective “Go Utes.” However, the Nittany Lions wanted to close differently. They finished with a “we are Penn State” chant. 

Both teams are well-fed but ready to feast during the Rose Bowl game on Monday.

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