More high seeds go down on Madden Bowl Day 2

The first round of Ultimate Madden Bowl 23 wrapped on Tuesday night with the second of back-to-back days with three matches.

And much like Day 1 on Monday, Day 2 was all about the upsets.

The Ultimate Madden Bowl, a 14-person tournament that concludes with the championship on Feb. 6, is the culmination of the Madden Championship Series. The top 12 seeds in Ultimate Madden Bowl were determined by points gained during the first three events of the MCS. The final two seeds got in via the Last Chance Qualifier tournament, played after the other 12 seeds were set.

With the conclusion of the first round, the remaining eight players advance to the quarterfinals, which begin on Feb. 1.

All 14 players will pocket at least $30,000, with the champion taking home the $250,000 grand prize and the coveted championship belt.

While all three games Tuesday saw the lower-seeded team win, the biggest shocker came in the last game of the night.

Playing as the Bengals, No. 14 Seamus “Kiv” Kivlen scored on touchdown pass from Mark Brunell to Michael Thomas to extend a three-point lead to 10 with 1:56 to play, and No. 3 Dwayne “CleffTheGod” Wood II and his Buccaneers were unable to score again as Kiv won 31-21.

In the day’s first match, No. 11 Daniel “DCroft” Mycroft beat No. 6 Wesley “Wesley” Gittens in overtime, 28-21. No. 10 Christopher “Cole” Anthony followed that with a 31-21 win over No. 7 Nolen “Big Gucci” Crumpler in the middle game of the day.

The tournament moves to live games in Northern California beginning with next week’s quarterfinals.

Ultimate Madden Bowl
Tuesday’s results
First round
No. 14 Seamus “Kiv” Kivlen 31, No. 3 Dwayne “Cleff The God” Wood II 21
No. 11 Daniel “DCroft” Mycroft 28, No. 6 Wesley “Wesley” Gittens 21 (OT)
No. 10 Christopher “Cole” Anthony 31, No. 7 Nolen “Big Gucci” Crumpler 21
Beginning Feb. 1
No. 1 Henry “Henry” Leverette vs. No. 8 “Cobo”
No. 12 “TTvTheDavidT” vs. No. 13 Jacob “Fancy” Worthington
No. 2 Peyton “Dez” Thuma vs. No. 10 Christopher “Cole” Anthony
No. 11 Daniel “DCroft” Mycroft vs. No. 14 Seamus “Kiv” Kivlen

Ultimate Madden Bowl prize money
1. $250,000
2. $150,000
3-4. $100.000
5-8. $55,000
9-14. $30,000 — John “Mr Football 88” Britt, Noah “Noahupnxt” Johnson, Jack “JackOregon” Hodson, Dwayne “CleffTheGod” Wood II, Wesley “Wesley” Gittens, Nolen “Big Gucci” Crumpler.

–Field Level Media

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