Mercedes shifts James Allison back to technical director role

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

James Allison has returned to the role of technical director for Mercedes’ Formula One team.

Allison is switching jobs with Mike Elliott, who will take over as chief technical officer.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff confirmed the shuffle in an interview Friday with Motorsport.

“This was very much driven by Mike Elliott owning the process,” Wolff said. “So, we have reversed the roles. Mike has moved up to CTO, as he has a brilliant switched-on scientific mind. And James Allison has returned to his technical director position, reporting in to Mike.”

Wolff said he recognized a need for change in the technical leadership during Mercedes’ slow start to the 2023 F1 season.

Mercedes ranks third in the team standings with 56 points, trailing runaway leader Red Bull Racing (123) and Aston Martin (65) heading into the April 30 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“What Mike’s assessment was, and the introspection is really admirable, is that with James we have a gladiator on the field and the troops are going to go through the fire for him and with him,” Wolff added.

“Mike came to the conclusion that the way he approaches things, his skill set, is best utilized in developing the organization going forward: from technical capabilities to human capabilities and putting together the structure that can be successful for many years to come.”

Allison moved from technical director into the CTO position in 2021.

–Field Level Media

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