Haney defeats Lomachenko to remain unbeaten

Devin Haney beat Vasiliy Lomachenko to retain undisputed title with a controversial unanimous decision. Here's The Sporting Tribune's live fight blog.

LAS VEGAS — Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko will finally enter the ring with one another, the former contending to become the best pound-for-pound boxer, the latter once known as such.

Haney is 29-0 with 15 knockouts. Lomachenko is 17-2 with 11 KOs.

We will bring you live updates as they take place leading up to the fight, and then will bring you round-by-round results and The Sporting Tribune scorecard


FINAL: Tim Cheatham and David Sutherland scored the fight 115-113, while Dave Moretti had it 116-112, the winner and still champion by unanimous decision: DEVIN HANEY

ROUND 12: Knowing he’s been in control, Loma is in control and is waiting to set up Haney. Not as aggressive. Haney needs to be the aggressor if he wants to win this fight. Haney throwing punches, but Loma’s defense is stellar. Back and forth exchanges. Too may ties-ups. Haney has looked better than previous two rounds. Loma’s combos inside final 10 seconds may have helped, but Haney’s round. RAMIREZ 114-114, CARP 115-113 Loma

ROUND 11: Loma comes out aggressive and immediately lands a chest-face combination. Then drills Haney’s face with a sharp left and follows with a right. Loma is tagging Haney and is now dominating this fight. Haney is throwing overhands that are missing, and it’s wearing on his stamina. Loma looks fantastic in the 11th, more like the younger fighter than the boxer whose 11 years older. This round has been all Loma. RAMIREZ 105-104 Loma, CARP 106-103 Loma

ROUND 10: Loma looks like he has more life in his legs than Haney. Not so sure Haney expected Loma to be this spirited this late. Loma lands his best punch of the fight, followed by a combo inside that hurt Haney. Starting to see swelling around Haney’s left eye. Haney now moving forward, rather than working of the back foot. Loma’s left hand is now the most dangerous weapon in this fight. RAMIREZ 95-95, CARP 96-94 Loma

ROUND 9: Both fighters looking to work their way in. Haney chops down, but not sure it was as effective as the crowd thought. Loma landed first effective punch, but Haney is there to answer. Loma ends up throwing a four-punch combo that gives him the lead midway through the round. Inside of a minute, Loma lands a left. We’re seeing Haney a bit fatigued, and blood now coming from his mouth. Strong left from Loma inside the final 10 seconds. Oh boy! RAMIREZ 86-85 Haney, CARP 86-85 Loma

ROUND 8: After the quietest start to a round of the bout, Loma bullies his way in, and fires a left to Haney’s head. Loma has been tactical in this one, as he’s setting up his jab perfectly, peppering the left side of Haney’s face. With :30 left, they exchange shots. RAMIREZ 77-75 Haney, CARP 76-76

ROUND 7: Loma lands three lefts early, snapping Haney’s head and backing him into the corner. Haney takes control from there, landing upstairs flush, and then going back to the body. Loma still showing life, but he can’t shake Haney’s aggressiveness. Haney’s counters seem to be blistering. Haney lands a big left hook late, and while Loma landed one of his own, his younger foe was much more dominant. RAMIREZ 68-65 Haney, CARP 67-66 Haney

ROUND 6: Loma keeps short distance so he can work inside. Lands a left early in the round. But Haney lands his own 1-2s. Loma answers and the two exchange combinations. Haney continues to hold the edge because he’s working the body and following with headshots. Loma is sticking to shots up high. Haney’s looping right hands are landing to the body, and a quick-trigger left is snapping Loma’s head back. RAMIREZ 58-56 Haney, CARP 58-56 Haney

ROUND 5: Haney delivers the first big shot in this round, a left hook to the body. And then lands another on the inside. Loma dominates the middle of the round with continuous flurries of punches, riddling Haney’s upper region. Haney counters with high-quality counters. Loma backing off in the final seconds to breathe, and Haney staying in pursuit is telling. RAMIREZ 48-47 Haney, CARP 48-47 Haney

ROUND 4: Both bringing some of their best stuff in this round, but it’s Lomachenko with a quick combo early to Haney – again! Haney switching strategy, backpedaling and drawing Loma to the backside. Finally works and connects with quick shot off the back foot. Quick right jab by Loma connects. Both tumble to the canvas. Final seconds include body shots and short right by Haney, gives him the round. RAMIREZ 38-38, CARP 38-38

ROUND 3: Haney using his length in the third round early. Vicious right counter tags Loma’s head. Loma working inside, Haney using his length, or smothering attacks. Quick double-left from Loma. Loma in the final minute lands a few head shots, and is standing up to his younger opponent. Haney looks stunned. RAMIREZ 29-28 Loma, CARP 29-28 Loma

ROUND 2: Loma pursuing nicely, working inside. But Haney’s counters are quick and sharp. Got underneath with a clean right midway through the round. After another counter, Loma unloads a flurry of punches that sends Haney backward. Both look very sharp. Straight left from Loma late in the second round. Then body shots to Haney. Closes round with a couple of shots to Haney’s head. RAMIREZ 19-19, CARP 19-19

ROUND 1: Haney throws left hook to start the fight, follows with right to the body. Bit of a slow start. Loma throws three-punch combo and lands short left with third blow. Loma works inside, lands a couple, but Haney sends him away with two shots of his own. Loma is aggressive, but a bit wild. Haney is tactical and showing he’s come in with a plan. RAMIREZ 10-9 Haney, CARP 10-9 Haney

8:50, Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko have been announced and they’re in the center of the ring.

8:34, Both the USA and Ukraine National Anthems have been sung, and we’re ready for the entrances.

8:24, Valdez wins by unanimous decision. Main event coming up.

8:19, Oscar Valdez just broke Adam Lopez’s nose with an inadvertent head butt in the middle of the 10th and the blood is flowing. Kudos to Lopez for withstanding the beating he just took in the final round.

8:17, Mark Wahlberg is shown on the jumbotron, the crowd cheers; Oscar De La Hoya is shown on the jumbotron, the crowd jeers.

8:10, Getting closer to the main event, we’re in the eighth round of Valdez-Lopez

7:41, Two-division world champion Oscar Valdez and Adam Lopez are underway.

7:32, 10-count for the late great Jim Brown

7:19, Raymond Muratalla pummels Jeremia Nakathila and the fight is stopped at the 2:48 mark of the second round. Muratella’s TKO improves his record to 18-0 and 15 KOs. Nakathila drops to 23-3