Let’s talk about THAT Aaron Judge rumor

This is going to be an offseason filled with a number of crazy rumors. Honestly, it’s my favorite time of the year!

Well, we haven’t even gotten to November yet and there’s already been a rumor that has all of social media talking. In case you missed it yesterday, here’s what went down.’s Mark Feinsand published a piece saying that the Dodgers could be in the running for Aaron Judge. Now, if you’ve listened to my podcast recently, you’d know I have this master plan that involves the Dodgers signing the outfielder this offseason.

Judge signing with the Dodgers wasn’t a total surprise in the article. The surprise came a little later, as Feinsand suggested that Mookie Betts would give up right field and move to second base full-time.


In the article, Feinsand writes that Betts would be open to a move back to the infield at some point during his career.

Now, for those who might not know, Betts actually began his career as a second baseman but switched to the outfield while with the Red Sox. This isn’t like he’d be playing a brand new position, as he has experience there and has talked about how he loves playing the position.

“Being able to play second base is kind of something I’ve been doing my whole life. Getting to go back there is just a lot of fun for me, personally. I really, really do enjoy it, but they pay me to catch these fly balls.” — via the article

Well then…

There’s a lot to take away from this. First off, I’m happy to hear the Dodgers are seriously going to make a run at Judge. With so much money coming off the books this offseason, they’ll have enough to sign him and I think he’ll be a great addition.

If Cody Bellinger doesn’t return, that leaves a lot of question marks in the outfield. You have guys like Trayce Thompson, Chris Taylor and James Outman, but I’m not certain if the Dodgers want to rely on two of those names in the outfield every game. By adding Judge, that potentially gives you an outfield of Betts and Judge, leaving left field open for a rotating spot.

To start off, I think having Betts and Judge in the outfield makes sense, at least for a year or two. I get that Judge is older and playing right field will be easier on his body, but I think having those two in the outfield would be more beneficial for the Dodgers. It would allow them to potentially move Gavin Lux over to shortstop and allow a prospect like Michael Busch to get a shot. Or, it lets you to rotate players like Lux, Taylor and Max Muncy at second.

Now if the Dodgers truly go down this route and actually move Betts to second base, things get very interesting moving forward. We’re back to square one of needing two other outfielders. Pick and choose who you’d like to see in center field and left field.

However, maybe the Dodgers are somehow able to bring back Bellinger on a much cheaper deal? (Assuming they non-tender him) If your outfield features Judge and Bellinger, all of a sudden it looks a whole lot better defensively.

With Betts as your every day second baseman, I’m guessing Lux moves over to shortstop full-time. If that’s the case, looks like another year of Muncy and Justin Turner (If Turner returns) splitting time at third base. That’s fine, I guess. But also, what about Miguel Vargas? He’s likely going to be on the Opening Day roster and he needs to spend time actually playing the position he played in the minors.

The Dodgers could get creative and make it work, but I just think the better overall option would be to have Judge in center field to start of his tenure. I think it allows the Dodgers to have a much deeper lineup.

With that being said, if the Dodgers sign Judge and Mookie is on board with playing second base, sign me up! I’m more than okay with that. I trust the Dodgers to fill out the rest of their lineup with talented players and make it work.

I mean, can you imagine a lineup with Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge, Freddie Freeman and Will Smith at the top?

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