Lakers look to take a 3-1 series lead against Warriors

The Lakers blew out he Warriors in Game 3 last Saturday night and look to take a 3-1 series lead for the second time this postseason.

LOS ANGELES — The Lakers and Warriors resume their series on Monday night as they play Game 4 in Los Angeles.

The main question here is how will Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and his team adjust to the Lakers defense?

Anthony Davis has been a terror defensively inside the paint and the Warriors would like to get the big man outside as much as possible. This will likely involve Kerr fixing the starting line-up once again. Maybe they’ll go even smaller this time around by replacing JaMychal Green with a Jordan Poole or a Donte DiVincenzo. That could be one way to get him out of the paint.

Of course, that gives the Lakers a huge advantage in size and it could really present match-up problems on that side of the ball for the Warriors. And eventually, it could get Davis out of that pattern where he’s only good offensively every other game.

The Dubs could also go back to Kevon Looney but, again, Davis can just take on him all game. They’ll have to figure out how to make his life difficult on both ends of the floor. With Davis’s offensive inconsistencies, they might have figured out half the battle. We’ll see what Steve Kerr comes up with.

It’s very pertinent that the Lakers continue to get everyone involved. It was great that D’Angelo got hot early and it set the tone for the rest of the team. LeBron James didn’t have to dig for a throwback game. They made a conscious effort to get Davis shots. Dennis Schröder made some great contributions on both ends. And Lonnie Walker IV was a surprise to the Warriors although we’ve always known he’s capable of being a volume scorer. Austin Reaves is not having a great series but we know what he can do.

The Lakers don’t have to match the three-point shooting (as evidenced in Game 1) but it definitely helped them in Game 3 (Lakers made 15 threes compared to the Warriors’ 13). They made Stephen Curry work in Game 3 but I think they’re okay with Curry going off a bit as long as Klay Thompson doesn’t explode. Klay made 8 threes on his way to 30 points in Game 2 while he only half of that in Game 3. And as always, Jordan Poole is a hell of a wild card.

Let’s see what kind of wrinkle Kerr does for Monday night’s game. And maybe Lakers coach Darvin Ham has some counters to what Kerr’s going to do. Either way, this is a hell of game of chess and we’ll see if the Warriors can checkmate the King in Game 4 of this series. Otherwise, the Lakers will be on the brink of the Western Conference Finals.