Lakers hang on to defeat Memphis Grizzlies, 123-120

Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports
Lakers snap a two-game losing streak to move up to the No. 8 seed with one game left in the regular season.

MEMPHIS — The Lakers will take this win.

It wasn’t a pretty sight. It’s as disappointing as a victory people will ever see. The Memphis Grizzlies, even with a whopping 13 players out, played their hearts out. But the Lakers pulled it out in the clutch and got the W, 123-120.

The Lakers went against a Memphis team that did not have a lot of familiar names playing. But the Grizz kept it close with three-pointers; they made 17 out of 39 (.436). Los Angeles was careless with the basketball as they turned the ball over 19 times. Those two categories have plagued the Lakers all season long and It was no exception against Memphis, who came into Friday’s game with the lowest three-point percentage in the league.

L.A. had a 47-34 lead in the second period before Grizzlies went 6 for 9 from three, which helped Memphis get within one. Grizzlies took a 91-82 lead in the third before Los Angeles turned up their defense. Memphis then took a 118-117 lead with a minute left before LeBron James made a lay-up to take the advantage back.

With the Lakers clinging to a 121-118 edge, James stole the ball in a scramble and had this furious finish.

It was a big game for the two stars of the Lakers. LeBron James had 37 points and 9 rebounds, although those 8 turnovers stick out. The returning Anthony Davis came through with 36 points and 14 boards.

As for Memphis, GG Jackson, the youngest player in the league at 19, led the team with 31 points. Jake LaVaria and Scotty Pippen, Jr. each had 28 for the Grizz.

As of this writing, the Lakers are in the 8th seed with a 46-35 record. We’ll see where they are at the end of Friday night as the four other teams that are in the 6-10 range are actually playing each other (Suns vs Kings and Pelicans vs Warriors).

In the meantime, L.A. will look forward to their last regular season game against the Pelicans on Sunday afternoon.