Judge backs NDA, sends Tiger Woods, ex-girlfriend to arbitration

Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Judge Elizabeth Metzger rejected Erica Herman’s attempt to dismiss the non-disclosure agreement with ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods and ordered the former couple to settle lawsuits seeking millions in damages through arbitration.

The Florida judge said claims of sexual harassment were not supported by documents requested by the circuit court.

In the opinion issued late Wednesday, Metzger denied the motion from Herman to void the NDA with Woods that originated in 2017, per the 11-page document. Herman’s attorney originally claimed no NDA was signed, then said in a hearing earlier this month there was a signed agreement but it didn’t match the version presented in court.

“Herman had the opportunity to provide factual specificity for any claim relating to sexual assault or sexual harassment, however, she has not done so,” Metzger wrote.

Herman met Woods as the manager of his Palm Beach restaurant and argued any NDA would cover only her work role and relationship with Woods, the owner.

Woods and his trust were both named in the suit from Herman seeking $30 million. The trust was included because it owns Woods’ mansion in Florida, per court documents.

–Field Level Media

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