Angel City’s Spencer uses business to promote sustainability

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
Spencer's brand, Jas It Up, aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

LOS ANGELES — Jasmyne Spencer is not an ordinary entrepreneur.

She never had a strong desire to start a business. Instead, she was a Biology major and an outstanding professional soccer player in the NWSL.

That did not stop her from entering the space, and she has not looked back. The Angel City defender’s brand, Jas It Up, has grown into a business that promotes a sustainable future. 

Spencer’s journey began when she played for the Orlando Pride in 2016. She became recognized for playing with funky headbands, so she started a brand to sell similar products and connect with her fanbase. 

“Initially, it was just a way for me to connect with the fan base,” Spencer said. “I was playing in Orlando, and I wanted to use my platform as an athlete to encourage people to embrace themselves, have fun, and love who they are.”

However, she added her love for science and the environment to the mission over time. Jas It Up now aims to create sustainably produced clothing under ethical production conditions by partnering with Fair Trade Certified factories. They use eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, bamboo, and recycled nylon to minimize waste.

 “I wanted to slowly integrate my love for the environment and the outdoors into the brand, so I started to use eco-friendly fabrics and used a portion of the proceeds to do beach cleanup,” Spencer said. 

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Instead of just selling headbands, Jas It Up has become a fashion brand. It also has multiple collections through partnerships with other organizations to promote various causes.

Spencer loves the environment because she enjoys spending time outdoors, embracing the beauty around her. She also supports local communities and tries to buy from local businesses as much as possible. 

Jas It Up also commits creating equal opportunity by contributing at least 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations. In 2023, it contributed $1,300 to organizations committed to social equity and planted 56 trees in the Pacific Northwest to increase the food population.  

There are ways where you can circulate money and resources into your community just by altering little daily life choices, especially as a consumer,” Spencer said. “Buying local, shopping local and just thinking a little bit more about where the things that you’re purchasing come from, whether you’re eating it wearing it, making it makes a big difference.”

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Spencer holds herself to a high standard and loves challenging herself. Her determination helped her reach remarkable milestones, such as 175 NWSL regular-season appearances. She applies that same drive to grow in her business pursuits. 

“Every day, I demand such high standards of myself to perform,” Spencer said. “Anybody who’s been in around the NWSL knows how long, competitive, and exhausting the season can be.

“Jas It Up is a nice outlet for me to take a step away from the game and channel that energy in a new way. But it still requires discipline, motivation, and hard work. It is about channeling the energy. that I use on the field in training, in games, and in a new way to keep me going.

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Spencer is proud of her work with Jas It Up. She is looking forward to exploring further opportunities with the brand, including multiple ongoing projects. But she is particularly jazzed about one related to education. 

“I have a couple of really cool things in the works,” Spencer said. “One that I’m excited about expands outside the realm of the fashion industry.

“I love it because fashion is really hard to get sustainable. Within the supply chain, not everything can be zero waste. In some way, shape, or form, people or the planet are going to be impacted to create fashion. But this is moving a little bit into the education piece. I’m really excited. Hopefully, that gets off the ground this fall.”

“A lot of people do not know how they can implement change on a daily basis. Sustainability is such a big buzzword right now, but it is important to really understand it and how it impacts you and your life choices. I want to share that message. The more people know and speak about it, the more change we can create. That starts with education.”

It remains to be seen how Spencer impacts education. However, her dedication to promoting sustainability suggests that it will help uplift future generations.