Mahomes’ best Super Bowl moment comes after the game

GLENDALE, Ariz. – When Patrick Mahomes finally made it back to the Kansas City Chiefs locker room over an hour after winning a second Super Bowl in four seasons, he scanned the crowded area like a quarterback trying to find an open receiver.

His locker was the first one visible upon entering the room at State Farm Stadium but he wasn’t ready to go there. Not yet. After games, most players – even following a Super Bowl win – go to their locker, sit down, check their phones, take off their unforms and take a moment to cool off.    

Not Mahomes.  

It was 9:24 p.m. when Mahomes walked into the Chiefs locker room. After the clock hit all zeroes on Super Bowl LVII at 8:14 p.m. he was whisked to one interview after another on the field and in the press conference room.  

There are many perks of being a Super Bowl MVP but the one drawback is being the final player to walk into the locker room after the game to celebrate with your teammates.

When Mahomes finally walked in, he quickly made up for lost time. He bypassed his locker and began to hug each and every player sitting at their locker. One by one, he congratulated all of his teammates; each dap just as loud and as crisp as the next.

“Love you, dog…love you, dog,” he said to each teammate as he made his way around the room. “Love you… yes sir… love you.”  

He gave Chiefs rookie wide receiver Skyy Moore a big hug while Moore was in the middle of an interview. Moore had not scored a touchdown all year and had just 22 receptions for 250 yards on the season but scored Kansas City’s final touchdown on a four-yard pass from Mahomes.

“Waited until the last game,” Mahomes said as he hugged Moore. “I love you, dog. Way to get up in there.”

As Mahomes made his way through his offensive line, he gave fifth year guard Andrew Wylie a big hug.

“My brother,” Mahomes said. “Another one!”

“I’m proud of you, kid,” Wylie said.

“I’m proud of you, my dog,” Mahomes said.  

The party got louder as Mahomes walked into the defensive side of the locker room as music blasted and players were smoking cigars.

“I love you,” Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones said as he hugged Mahomes. “We got two of ‘em.”

“Dude, two of ‘em,” Mahomes said, smiling. “We ain’t done though. We a’int done.”   

“Did I get everybody?” Mahomes asked as he scanned the empty portion of the locker room before walking back to the offensive end.

Mahomes saved one of his biggest hugs for Chiefs quarterbacks coach and senior assistant Matt Naggy, who was on the Chiefs staff from 2013 to 2017 before becoming the Chicago Bears head coach from 2018 to 2021. He had also been on Andy Reid’s Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff from 2008 to 2012.

“I’m about to hammer like a hundred Coors Lights,” Mahomes said after hugging Naggy.

When Mahomes finally made it back to his locker after making his way around the entire Chiefs locker room and hugging each one of his teammates for over six minutes, he found a custom WWE championship belt with the Chiefs logo on it waiting for him on his chair.

He put the championship belt on his shoulder but quickly took it over to his defensive teammates and gave it to them to enjoy.

“I love you guys,” Mahommes said as he let his teammates enjoy the belt and finally walked back to sit as his locker. “I love you guys!”

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