Inside look at Madden NFL 24 with EA’s Clint Oldenburg

Credit: Electronic Arts
With Madden 24 now available we spoke with former NFL offensive lineman and current EA Sports Madden Production Director and Ratings Adjustor Clint Oldenberg.

For those like me that celebrate: Happy Madden Holiday! Forget the NFL Draft, Mandatory Minicamps, Free Agency, OTAs, the Hall of Fame Game, & the preseason. The mark of the NFL starting a new year is release week for the annual Madden NFL. As EA Sports premier title continues to break its own record of being the longest annual release in video game history. 

Being based in Las Vegas made this inside look at Madden 24 great because not only did we dive into the newest release but also got the chance to speak with one the men leading the charge for EA Sports and Madden: Clint Oldenburg. He was the first former NFL Player to be hired by EA Sports to help with the creation of Madden and is a former Patriot and his offensive coordinator was current Head Coach of the Raiders Josh McDaniels. By the way, yes he was also coached and drafted by that Bill guy and spent a year playing with the possibly future QB of the Raiders — Tom Brady of course! 

Clint talked to us about his transition, dealing with the  passionate feedback that Madden has, the process of creating a new Madden while balancing current and future Madden titles. He also tells us Mike Vick greatness in Madden, and the one NFL player that turned down the Madden Cover. We hope you enjoy and remember to add me on Xbox: FB HEAVYWEIGHT.