Five observations after Raw heading to Wrestlemania

Cody Rhodes is heading to his match at Wrestlemania 39 against Roman Reigns on fire.

Wrestlemania 39 is on the horizon, with the card starting to take shape. Now the decisions being made are when the matches take place and the outcomes. The biggest mystery is the main event between Roman Reigns versus Cody Rhodes.

Here are five observations heading into Wrestlemania after Monday Night Raw:

1.         Seth Rollins needs to beat Logan Paul

Seth Rollins and Logan Paul have been at each other’s throats since The Visionary made comments about Paul being in WWE for the wrong reasons.

Rollins delivered a fiery promo that was needed after everything that has happened in the last few months.

“In five days, April 1, night one of WrestleMania, I finally get my hands on Logan Paul,” Rollins told the crowd in Phoenix. “And Logan Paul, he’s got a history of making a joke out of himself. But let me level with you: if I can’t beat Logan Paul at WrestleMania he’s not the joke — I am. He threw me out of the Royal Rumble, he cost me at Elimination Chamber, he cheap shotted me not once but twice. And in five days it all comes back around.”

Rollins is right, he must win on Saturday night. If he loses to Paul, questions will be asked about Rollins. The guy is a bonafide WWE Championship contender and is so over it is ridiculous, no matter if his persona is heel or babyface. If anything, Rollins has ascended to the level where fans don’t care what he is they love and cheer him on regardless.

Saturday is a must-win.

He needs to get back to winning championships. Make no mistake about it, Paul is talented and does belong in the ring. He and Rollins may….BURN IT DOWN….on Saturday because of the hate, and the fact is Rollins could carry just about anyone in a match.

2.         Bianca Belair vs. Asuka seems flat

The matchup between Belair and Asuka just seems flat. It does. It is neither of their faults, but it seems like it has taken a backseat to matches like Becky Lynch, Trish, and Lita versus Damage CTRL or even Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair.

Both are honestly babyfaces and loved by the WWE Universe at no fault of their own, so it has been hard to tell the story.

Now make no mistake about it when these women step into the ring, the match will be electric, but the storytelling leading into the match has been lackluster.

3.         The Demon returns…so does regular cell

The WWE universe hasn’t seen the Demon since September 2021 and only appears during big matches. It seems like Edge has pushed him over the limit.

“Don’t you know there’s nothing more dangerous than a caged demon?” Finn Bálor asked Edge on Monday Night Raw. “So, Edge, go to your dark place. Light your candles, do whatever it is you need to unlock it, to summon it.

“…but just remember, I don’t summon my demons. My demons are always here. You just have to look closely.”

The Demon has only one or two losses depending on how certain people view it, so Balor is ready to end this rivalry that started about a year ago. A Hell in a Cell match is a perfect way to end the rivalry so the Judgement Day can go on their way.

Also, the 49-year-old Edge has said his clock is ticking, and he doesn’t have many matches left. He needs to move on to a new rivalry.

Lastly, the WWE had been using a red Hell in a Cell that looked strange, but according to numerous outlets, the regular Hell in a Cell is back. That should bring joy to the WWE universe heading into Mania.

4.         No fuel to Brock Lesnar vs. Omos

Why? This match shouldn’t be happening, especially if the rumors about Lesnar counting down his final matches with WWE. Omos hasn’t grown as a wrestler during his time, and it just seems like a waste of Lesnar.

He is coming off a great rivalry with Bobby Lashley that now many hoped would have finished off at Wrestlemania. There were talks of Lesnar facing Lashley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or Gunther, but they landed on Omos. This match may be short, and the only interest fans may have whether Lesnar can F-5 his opponent, who stands 7’3 and weighs 400 pounds.

5.         Cody Rhodes is on fire w/ Reigns next

“Up the curtains lights go up… I am home…WOAH, OH!” The run that Cody Rhodes is currently on is something he dreamed of his first go around. After being in Legacy, Dashing Cody Rhodes, and Stardust, it seems like he is destined for greatness on Sunday.

Rhodes returned a year ago to an erupting Wrestlemania crowd excited to have him back. Since that time, he is 3-0 against Seth Rollins and won the Royal Rumble. On Monday night, he handed Solo Sikoa his first loss on the main roster.

Roman Reigns is in God mode holding the championship for over 900-plus days, and no one has been able to stop him. The real question is whether Rhodes will do it on Sunday.

Both wrestlers are doing it for their families. Reigns wants to stay at the head of the table and keep his family fed while Rhodes is doing it for his father Dusty Rhodes, who passed away in 2015. Reigns’s family has been to the mountaintop numerous times, while Cody would be the first in his family to hold the WWE championship.

As far as what the WWE universe thinks, they are behind Rhodes, and when the “WOAH OH” hits on Sunday night, it will be deafening.

The time is now for Rhodes to win the Universal Championship.

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