DRX beats Rogue in tiebreaker to win Group C at Worlds

DRX defeated Rogue in a tiebreaker match to claim first place in Group C at the League of Legends World Championships’ group stage Saturday in New York.

Rogue entered Saturday’s action 3-0 but lost two of their three matches. DRX, meanwhile, won two of three — including one vs. Rogue — to force the tiebreaker, which DRX won in 25 minutes on blue.

Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo led DRX with a kills-deaths-assists ratio of 9/0/3 in the tiebreaker.

On the day, DRX defeated GAM Esports in 32 minutes on blue, beat Rogue the first time in 30 minutes on blue but lost to Top Esports in 34 minutes on blue.

Rogue defeated GAM Esports in 31 minutes on blue and lost to Top Esports in 25 minutes on blue, in addition to the two losses to DRX.

In addition to beating DRX and Rogue, Top Esports lost to GAM Esports in 42 minutes on blue. It was GAM’s only victory in the group stage.

Sixteen teams were divided into four groups for the double-round-robin group stage, which runs through Sunday. All matches consist of a single map. The top two teams in each group advance to the knockout stage, with the third- and fourth-place sides in each group heading home.

The knockout stage is scheduled for Oct. 20-Nov. 5, with all matches best-of-five. The entire group stage and the quarterfinals are being held at New York’s Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden. The semifinals are set for State Farm Arena in Atlanta, and the grand final will be contested at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Six matches are scheduled for Sunday to conclude play in Group D:

–100 Thieves vs. CTBC Flying Oyster

–CFO vs. Gen.G Esports

–Royal Never Give Up vs. 100 Thieves

–Gen.G vs. 100 Thieves

–CFO vs. Royal Never Give Up

–Royal Never Give Up vs. Gen.G

League of Legends World Championship group-stage standings

Group A

1. T1, 5-1

2. EDward Gaming, 4-2

3. Fnatic, 2-4

4. Cloud9, 1-5

Group B

1. JD Gaming, 5-1 (won tiebreaker)

2. DAMWON Gaming, 5-1

3. Evil Geniuses, 1-5

4. G2 Esports, 1-5

Group C

1. DRX, 4-2 (won tiebreaker)

2. Rogue, 4-2

3. Top Esports, 3-3

4. GAM Esports, 1-5

Group D

1. Royal Never Give Up, 3-0

2. Gen.G Esports, 2-1

3. CTBC Flying Oyster 1-2

4. 100 Thieves, 0-3

–Field Level Media

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