DH Dallas OWCS: First step in Overwatch esports chapter

DreamHack Dallas gave us over 40 games of action-packed Overwatch from eight of the best teams in the world.

In April, the Overwatch Championship Series was in the midst of qualifications for the first major tournament of their inaugural season. After multiple months, hundreds of amazing games, and countless awesome plays, last weekend was the culmination of a new iteration of Overwatch Esports.

DreamHack Dallas gave us over 40 games of action-packed Overwatch from 8 of the best teams in the world. But, through it all, two teams stood above the rest: Crazy Raccoon and Team Falcons. However, DH Dallas could only crown one team. 

The first round of the tournament gave both of the titans little trouble. Crazy Raccoon and Team Falcons dispatched M80 and ENCE without losing swiftly sending their opponents to the elimination bracket. Spacestation Gaming and Toronto Defiant displayed similar dominance, sweeping NRG Shock and Twisted Minds three games to zero.

In elimination bracket round one, M80 bounced back with ferocity, sending Twisted Minds home in a 3-0 series victory. ENCE and NRG had a slightly more competitive battle. However, ENCE was still able to take control of the best of 5 series, winning three games to one. 

In the quarter finals, Team Falcons showed why they were one of the favorites to win the tournament. Despite SSG sweeping their first round opponent, Spacestation was not able to capture a single game in the the series. Crazy Raccoon also displayed their Overwatch prowess as they routed their opponent Toronto Defiant in a 3-0 victory. 

In elimination bracket round two, Toronto Defiant could not recapture their early tournament dominance. After starting the tournament 3-0, they would finish 1-6, losing to ENCE 3 to 1. M80 and Spacestation gaming on the other hand was an all out brawl.

The series went the distance, but by the end SSG came out on top, defeating M80 three games to two. Then with one game in between SSG and elimination, Spacestation Gaming stepped up to the plate and handled ENCE in a comfortable 3-1 set. 

The first series of the semis was amazing. The two titans Team Falcons and Crazy Raccoon would go head to head for the right to advance to the finals.

In the 5th and final game, both teams looked to push their ticket to the finals. However, the Falcons were able to preserve with a clutch performance sending Crazy Raccoon to the elimination bracket.

Yet this loss would only turn out to be a small bump in the road for Crazy Raccoon. In the final elimination bracket series, SSG was no match for CR losing games one, two, and three.

With Crazy Raccoon pulling out the victory, they too punched their ticket to the championship series. 

The two teams who’d had dominated the tournament only losing games to one another were now set to face off in another series. A series to decide the champion of the first ever Overwatch Championship Series Major. In the first game, Crazy Raccoon came out swinging.

On the back of an unorthodox Roadhog pick and an adaptive play style, CR won the first game on Oasis. In game two, Team Falcons responded with a strong showing on New Junk City.

They would capture the first two points with ease and then concede the next point to Crazy Raccoon. Falcons would then close out the game with their third capture victory, evening the series at 1-1. In a pivotable game 3, Crazy Raccoon pushed and prodded their way through each check of Gibraltar barely getting their cart to the end of the map.

On defense, Team Falcons went away from the mirror comp which proved to be detrimental as they failed to get the cart to the end of the map, falling down 2-1 in the series.

In the latter half of the series, Crazy Raccoon started off hot. After 5 minutes on New Queens Street, the bot was over 75% of the way to Team Falcons’ spawn.

Despite their best efforts, the Falcons counter punch was unsuccessful moving the team one loss from total defeat. With their back up against the wall, Team Falcons responded early on Kings Row as they captured the point.

They then successfully pushed the payload to the end of one of the tougher hybrid maps for the attacking team. When defending, the Falcons kept up this same energy and were able to hold Crazy Raccoon from even pushing the cart to the second check.

Now with the series at 3-2, the teams would go to another classic map: Ilios. After splitting the first round to capture points, it all came down to the Ruins. And, after a back and forth match, Crazy Raccoon proved to be too much for Team Falcons, allowing Crazy Raccoon to claim the match victory, the series victory: the first ever OWCS tournament victory.

With that, Crazy Raccoon becomes the first champion of the new era of Overwatch Esports, capturing the lion’s share of the hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs in the tournament. However, this will not be the only major tournament for the first year of the OWCS. Starting in August, the OWCS will once again run their qualifiers and knockout stages for the DreamHack Stockholm Finals in November.

This will be a chance for Crazy Raccoon to defend their title, team Falcons to get their revenge or another team to burst on the team and take the title of the best Overwatch team in the World.