Connecting the world of fashion, gaming and WWE with Bianca Belair

Marcos Arriola/@eyeconicvisions
Bianca Belair tells The Sporting Tribune's Adrian Hernandez, “When they see me, I don’t want them to see generic wrestling gear, I want them to see fashion."

LAS VEGAS — The list of career accolades in Bianca Belair’s career have already cemented herself as a future WWE Hall of Famer despite the fact that she was signed in April 2016.

She has been in the main event at WrestleMania multiple times, she has won an ESPY, ESPN Female Wrestler of the Year, 3-time WWE Women’s Champion, a WWE 2K24 Cover Star, she’s the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with Jade Cargill, she’s the longest reigning RAW Women’s Champion, winner of two Royal Rumble’s and she’s also a seamstress, which means she makes her own gear.

Belair means so much for a variety of reasons to her fans but her fans not only mean so much to her they’ve also helped her in a variety of ways including inspiring and creating her WrestleMania 38 gear that she wore in her match vs Becky Lynch.

That night won’t be the only night that Belair will wear something inspired by her fans, she is teaming up with WWE 2K24 for the ‘Bianca Summer Glam’ Contest. Fans will play WWE 2K24 and create a newly designed outfit for Belair and the selected gear will send the fan to SummerSlam. Belair will wear that outfit in a match and meet the lucky fan after their creation comes to life. Belair spoke to The Sporting Tribune about this and much more below: