Staley preaches patience with CB J.C. Jackson

Monday night was the game where Chargers cornerback J.C. Jackson believed he could get himself going after two terrible outings. It wasn’t. Unfortunately for him, it was the opposite.

On the second Broncos drive, quarterback Russell Wilson dropped back and found tight end Greg Dulcich for a 39-yard touchdown. The former UCLA tight end was alone and walked into the end zone.

Chargers coach Brandon Staley said after the game, Jackson was supposed to take Dulcich while safety Nasir Adderley was on receiver K.J. Halmer.

“It was all mental,” Jackson admitted, “I wasn’t mentally into the game. I made a mistake, and that took me out of the game.”

Right before halftime, Wilson found a wide-open Hamler for a 47-yard gain with a trailing Jackson. All he could do was look up and put his hands on his head.

Before the second half kickoff, Jackson was told he wouldn’t be going in. Instead, cornerback Michael Davis took his place. There weren’t any breakdowns in coverage the way there were in the first half.

“J.C., like I said, had a tough night the other night, but we’re going to make sure that we stay patient with him because he has all of the tools that we’re looking for,” Staley said.

Patience is critical with Jackson. He is a new player that was under the same system in New England for four seasons. He is still the same player that intercepted 25 passes.

“I think it’s just us getting him in as good of rhythm as possible,” Staley explained. “I think it’s the practice time, the meeting time, the consistency of that. As you guys know, it was disrupted at the beginning of the season, and, I think, has caused a setback, in terms of his development within our team and getting him playing his game within our team.”

Jackson is far from happy with what is currently going on.

“I got to step up my game and play the way I know how to play,” Jackson said.

To his credit, he is facing it head on. Even though he is struggling, Jackson has spoken to the media whenever asked.

He has struggled at times in the games against Kansas City, Houston, and Cleveland.

“Just focus throughout the whole game,” Jackson said. “Stay focused during the week and during meetings. Also, pay attention to the little details.”

Jackson admitted that his confidence has taken a hit, but he needs to do more. He will study and work hard this week, especially with whom he will face on Sunday.

Staley confirmed that Jackson will start on Sunday, so that means having to face Seahawks receiver D.K. Metcalf.

“I like going against the bigger receivers,” Jackson said. “I like those kinds of matchups.”

The Chargers cornerback has had setbacks before, so this is just another obstacle he must take head on. His confidence may be shaken, but his coaches and teammates believe in him.

Safety Derwin James recruited him and knows the talent the corner possesses. Staley and defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill have said they need to be patient and help coach Jackson up to speed.

“The respect that players have for me and the caring that my team, my teammates and coaches for me,” Jackson said. “I know they got my back, and I got to show them that I got their back.”

It starts with the preparation leading up to Sunday and the attention to detail. Jackson and the team know he can turn this around, but it is all on him.

“Just because it hasn’t started in a Hollywood fashion doesn’t mean that it’s not going to end that way,” Staley said. “What we have to do is stay with him because he has what it takes. It’s our job to get him there.”

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