Chargers grades after shaky victory over Raiders

Khalil Mack had six on Sunday, so did he get his positional group the highest grade?

The Chargers 24-17 victory over the Las Vegas had a lot of storylines from a rookie quarterback starting to Justin Herbert’s hand injury.

They got out to a 24-7 lead by halftime but wouldn’t see the end zone the rest of the game. It took a fantastic late pass from Herbert to ice the game.

Here are the grades:

Quarterback: A

“A” for A heart of a lion like receiver Keenan Allen said after the game. Justin Herbert took two big shots in the game one cheap and one on an interception return but he still managed to play.

Running back: C-

Better game from Joshua Kelley who rushed for 65 yards on 17 carries. This group is still missing Austin Ekeler.

Wide receiver: C

Keenan Allen had a touchdown and Josh Palmer had a 51-yard catch but there wasn’t much else. Allen was doubled but the rest of the guys need to make plays.

Tight end: C-

They had some nice blocking but didn’t really integrate themselves in the passing game.

Offensive line: C-

Herbert got sacked twice by Maxx Crosby and it possibly could have been a third if there wasn’t an offsides. 

Defensive line: C

They struggled at times to stop the run but they should have pressured the Raiders rookie quarterback a little bit more.

Edge rushers: A++++++

A plus for every Khalil Mack sack. He must have seen the number four and thought it was his pal Derek Carr at quarterback.

Linebackers: C

Josh Jacobs had 81 receiving yards. They needed to be better against the pass and locating backs.

Secondary: C

Only reason why it isn’t lower was because of the Asante Samuel Jr. interception. Michael Davis didn’t have a strong performance. J.C. Jackson was on the bench.

Coaching: D

The offense slowed down in the second half, defense wasn’t able to slow down a rookie quarterback until the end, and special teams was kind of a mess.

Next opportunity: A+++++

The Chargers must win the bye week. They need to get healthy and get guys back before the Monday Night game against the Dallas Cowboys.