Vegas Golden Knights
Vegas Golden Knights
The Golden Knights pulled off a memorable comeback on Sunday afternoon thanks to Tomas Hertl, Batman and Bugs Bunny.
Future NHL Hall-of-Famer Marc-Andre Fleury had a tough night Friday in what was likely his final appearance at T-Mobile Arena.
The Golden Knights will have the chance to defend their title, clinching the franchise’s sixth playoff berth in its first seven seasons with a 7-2 victory over the Wild.
The Golden Knights slept walk through Wednesday’s game against the Oilers and were unable to clinch a playoff berth. Instead, they will leave fans sweating out the final home stand.
The Golden Knights their second straight game on Monday night, falling to the Canucks 4-3 after taking an early 2-0 lead.
The Golden Knights suffered an unthinkable collapse on Friday, giving up six goals in the third period in a 7-4 loss to the Coyotes at Mullett Arena.
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