Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka was determined to right the ship while resisting the urge to bring in another superstar in Kyrie Irving.
The Lakers agreed to a two-year, $5.7 million contract with free agent forward-center Christian Wood.
Lakers owner Jeanie Buss and comedian Jay Mohr, who have been dating since 2017, got married Sunday in Malibu.
Kobe Bryant will get his statue outside of the arena formerly known as Staples Center on Feb. 8, 2024.
The Sporting Tribune's Mark Medina looks at the Lakers' 2023-24 schedule and pinpoints the five most interesting games to watch.
Kobe Bryant's absence will make Pau Gasol's entry into the Hall of Fame bittersweet, writes The Sporting Tribune's Mark Medina.
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