Caleb Williams is looking forward to facing Colorado, Shedeur Sanders

Ric Tapia - The Sporting Tribune
After securing a win in Tempe, the Trojans are headed to Colorado. to play the Buffaloes.

LOS ANGELES – USC was disappointed with their performance in their last game against Arizona State, where they allowed 28 points to a team that had previously scored zero. Unfortunately, the defense was unable to execute properly and missed a total of 14 tackles during the game. This allowed Arizona State to effectively run the ball and ultimately resulted in a disappointing loss in front of their home crowd.

Here are three takeaways from practice:

The highly anticipated game of the year is featuring Coach Riley and Coach Prime

Colorado has been making waves, but their recent loss to Oregon has put them in a tough position. Coach Deion Sanders acknowledged the challenge ahead as USC travels to Boulder and faces off against Lincoln Riley for the first time. While Sanders recently clash with other coaches, this time he is focused on the upcoming game.

“First and foremost, I have the utmost respect and love and appreciation for their head coach.”

Not only did Sanders praise the opposing coach, but Riley also did the same. Earlier this week, Riley talked to the media after practice and was excited for the game but also thinking about meeting Sanders.

“I’m looking forward to getting the chance to meet him and visit with him. I mean, obviously, he’s one of
the best players that have ever played our game, and so I think he’ll always have an important place in
our game, no matter what.”

Riley respects the work that Sanders has done with the football program in less than a year. During the last season, Colorado only managed to win one game. However, the team has already secured three wins this season and is preparing to face USC, who is ranked #8.

“The improvements drastic, you know, you got to give their staff a lot of credit.” Riley said.

This situation is reminiscent of USC’s experience last season with the arrival of Riley and Williams. Following Coach Clay Helton’s dismissal, the team immediately began winning games, a departure from their previous record under Helton’s leadership.

The upcoming game is expected to have a noteworthy stars, including LeBron James, who is reportedly planning to attend prior to Lakers Media Day in Los Angeles on Monday.

We are witnessing Caleb Williams’ greatness firsthand

Caleb Williams’ recent progress has been remarkable, as he has led the team’s offense to the top of the rankings. Many have asked about Williams’ potential as a player, and it seems likely that he will become a standout athlete when he ultimately transitions to the National Football League.

On Thursday, Riley discussed Williams’ intelligence and leadership skills with The Sporting Tribune.

“He’s done a great job throughout his career and I think his understanding of our system, understanding of game situations, and when to be aggressive and when not, has constantly improved.”

The early kickoff for the game could make Williams and the offense feel off balance. The Trojans are not accustomed to playing at 9am, as the game will begin just after 10am local time in Boulder. Despite being heavily favored to win against their Week 5 opponent, Williams showed respect towards the upstart Buffs during his post-practice meeting with the USC media on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s been good for them. Something that Colorado needed and hasn’t had in a while. Deion and his
son, Travis, and all those other players have done a good job making that side of the world and that
stadium very exciting. It’ll be a good game, and I’m really excited to get out there and go vs.
the defense, our defense go vs. their offense and to have the crowd roaring at us.”

I’ve been following Williams’s progress since he joined USC, and he has been having an incredible year both on and off the field. Although he recently lost his status as the favorite to win the Heisman, he still has a chance to change people’s minds in the upcoming games against Colorado, Oregon, and Notre Dame. The team seems to be very confident heading into their game in Boulder this Saturday.

Will Grinch make adjustments after the last defensive performance?

It looks like USC’s upcoming game against Colorado will be their toughest challenge yet. Despite this, they are still considered 21.5 point favorites over Coach Prime’s team. If they can make key tackles, they have a good chance of winning, but if they struggle to stop Colorado’s offense, they may be in trouble.

Following a bye-week, USC’s defense appeared to struggle against Arizona State despite a strong performance in the 4th quarter. The inclusion of Mason Cobb resulted in reduced playing time for other defensive players who had been performing well. Cobb played for 74 snaps, while Tackett Curtis played 44 snaps and Eric Gentry for 28. Surprisingly, Raesjon Davis and Shane Lee did not receive any playing time during the game, despite Coach Riley previously praising their recent on-field performances.

To secure a win for the team, it’s crucial that the linebackers maintain a consistently high level of performance, even with the impressive skills of the front four. Solomon Byrd has been exceptional throughout the season, adding strength to the team’s defense. However, the linebackers play an essential role, especially since the team has a strong defense upfront. Therefore, it’s crucial that the linebackers step up and perform exceptionally well to ensure the team’s success.

Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback for Colorado, has been impressing many with his performance this year. However, opposing defenses cannot afford to let their guard down as Sanders can quickly capitalize on any mistakes. The Oregon team did a fantastic job of putting pressure on Sanders by collapsing the pocket. Last week’s game showcased Colorado’s weakness in their passing game, making it clear how to defeat them. Their Achilles heel is their run game, and it would be wise for Grinch to make necessary adjustments with the defense to take advantage of this.

For USC to have a chance at winning, they should focus on pressuring Sanders by constantly collapsing the pocket. The Trojans have an advantage over Colorado’s offensive line with their strong defensive line. It will be interesting to see how the defense performs after their disappointing performance last week.