Brady and Las Vegas? Jackpot!

Tom Brady is in deep discussions to become a limited partner of the Raiders after already becoming a minority owner of the Aces.

LAS VEGAS — Forget the synergy owner Mark Davis is trying to build between his Las Vegas Raiders and Las Vegas Aces, let’s talk about the synergy between Tom Brady and Las Vegas.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion’s interest in staking claim to a professional sports team in Southern Nevada is a jackpot and solidifies the message we’ve all known for quite some time.

“Las Vegas is undoubtedly the number one hotbed for professional sports right now,” UFC president Dana White told The Sporting Tribune via phone call Friday afternoon. “Brady’s inclusion with the Aces and the Raiders – if what we’re hearing is true – only solidifies the power of our town.”

Our town.

My town.

Your town.

Brady’s town.

I’ll be honest, when I read the ESPN story that Brady is in deep discussions to become a limited partner of the Raiders, my first thought was NBA.

Because just hearing Brady would have two partnerships in Las Vegas pro sports means LeBron James will want to make good on his desire to bring the NBA to Southern Nevada.

“I would love to at some point down the road own an NBA franchise and be able to bring a winning franchise to a city,” James said during All-Star Weekend. “Vegas is a really cool city and doing some really great things in sports these days. You see what the Aces are doing, you got the Raiders there, you’ve got the Kings there, the hockey team.”

Hey, I won’t knock the King for mistakenly referring to the Knights as the team the Lakers share an arena with on South Figueroa St., in Los Angeles.

It certainly won’t happen again, especially once his throne resides in Southern Nevada.

He can place it next to Davis’ courtside seat.

After Davis bought the Aces on Jan. 14, 2021, he promised to build synergy between the WNBA franchise and the Raiders. Since then, he’s done nothing but support and treats the Aces as they should be, sparing no expense in all facets.

He made Becky Hammon the first $1 million coach, and in her first year at the helm, the Aces won their first WNBA title.

Then, in March of this year, Brady acquired an ownership stake in the Aces.

“I am very excited to be part of the Las Vegas Aces organization,” Brady said in a statement at the time. “My love for women’s sports began at a young age when I would tag along to all my older sisters’ games – they were by far the best athletes in our house! We celebrated their accomplishments together as a family, and they remain a great inspiration to me.

“I have always been a huge fan of women’s sports, and I admire the work that the Aces’ players, staff, and the WNBA continue to do to grow the sport and empower future generations of athletes. To be able to contribute in any way to that mission as a member of the Aces organization is an incredible honor.”

The team moved into their 64,000-square-foot training facility earlier this year, adjacent to the Raiders headquarters in Henderson. It’s the first-ever facility in league history, built specifically for a WNBA team.

During the Aces’ championship season, Brady sat courtside for a game on May 31, 2022, with then-wife Gisele Bündchen, and drew plenty of attention while chatting it up with Davis at halftime.

I tried chatting it up with Davis earlier, but he didn’t answer a text I sent. No worries, I’m sure it got lost among the throngs of others who reached out for comment on today’s headline news.

Per ESPN’s report, Brady’s investment in the Raiders is expected to be “passive” and he would “not have any operational control or authority over the club in business or football matters.”

Regardless of his direct involvement, it should also make coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler feel a bit more comfortable considering the ties they have with one another during their time with the New England Patriots.

If McDaniels and Ziegler are feeling the pressure from Davis at any time, with the Raiders in a must-win mode, Brady could step in as a buffer and lend support and counseling.

All said this is much bigger than the synergy between the Raiders and Aces.

It’s larger than a business relationship between Davis and Brady, who once owned a minor share of UFC with Bündchen.

“It’s an incredible thing,” White said. “Tom Brady and Las Vegas are a natural fit because he knows the sport, he loves the city, and it’s his type of competitive nature that the town thrives on.”

What it is, is another extension of the number one hotbed for professional sports in your town, my town… our town.