BINGO: Three Questions with Ralph Lawler

Hall of fame broadcaster Ralph Lawler shares his thoughts on the Clippers every week on The Sporting Tribune.

Ralph Lawler, who retired from broadcasting as one of the all-time greats after the 2018-19 season, remains beloved by Clippers followers across the world. His longevity and talent made him as identifiable to fans as just about any player in team history. The Hall of Famer agreed to provide some personal insight into the season for The Sporting Tribune. 

Here is the Jan. 12, 2023 edition of “BINGO: 3 Questions with Ralph Lawler,” our weekly question-and-answer exclusive.

1. Terance Mann has been moved into the starting lineup. How does that change what the Clippers can unlock in terms of defense and versatility?

I love Mann’s energy. He is one of the very few players on this roster who exhibit high energy night in and night out. He is certainly not your classic point guard, but when the coach goes small, he can be a part of the group that can switch defensively at every position. I love seeing Robert Covington back in the mix. He fits perfectly with that small-ball unit.

2. The Dallas win snapped a six-game losing streak did you look at that as a possible turnaround or do you need to see more?

I don’t think winning one out of seven is the sign of a turnaround. We will need to see Paul George (hamstring) and Luke Kennard (calf) back out on the court to really see a turnaround. We are all so anxious to see this club whole for a stretch of games. If they can win six in a row – then, we can talk about a turnaround. If the injuries continue to plague the team, they will struggle to stay in the mix for the playoffs or the play-in. Healthy at season’s end, I still think they could beat anyone in a 7-game series.

3. We have entered the time of year where 10-day contracts are being signed. Are there any veteran big men that you’d like to see the team take a look at?

Well, I think DeMarcus Cousins would be a perfect fit, but the Lakers got the jump on him with a workout scheduled this week. I am not sure who all is out there, but of those I am aware of, I wonder if LaMarcus Aldridge has anything left in the tank at the age of 37? His skill set would certainly work for the Clippers – Nemanja Bjelica also offers some size and shooting ability. There is always Dwight Howard, and Enes Freedom (Kanter) wants back in. He can score the ball and is an exceptional offensive rebounder. Noah Vonleh is out there somewhere. He’s a 6-foot-10, 27-year-old former lottery pick. So, I agree the team needs another big man. The ability to stretch the floor a little would be a bonus.

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