BINGO: 3 Questions with Ralph Lawler

Hall of fame broadcaster Ralph Lawler shares his thoughts on the Clippers every week on The Sporting Tribune.

Ralph Lawler, who retired from broadcasting as one of the all-time greats after the 2018-19 season, remains beloved by Clippers followers across the world. His longevity and talent made him as identifiable to fans as just about any player in team history. The Hall of Famer agreed to provide some personal insight into the season for The Sporting Tribune. 

Here is the Oct. 31, 2022 edition of “BINGO: 3 Questions with Ralph Lawler,” our weekly question-and-answer exclusive.

1. What on-the-court development have you been most concerned about during this recent losing streak?

The team’s energy has been inconsistent and 3-point shooting has been way sub-par. But the big concern is Kawhi Leonard’s knee. The team’s hopes to be a title contender this year or next, rest on Leonard’s ability to play a large number of games at his customary level.

 2. Shooting can come and go throughout a season, but energy and effort can help stem the tide of a shooting slump. How have you felt about the Clippers energy level so far?

It seems to me that the energy is pretty good when they are making shots, but falls dramatically when the baskets aren’t falling. That is not a sign of a great team. It is a challenge for Coach Tyronn Lue to figure this out.

3. Reflecting on your four decades with the team, I wonder, what was the most challenging part as a broadcaster in preparing for the afternoon starts at Staples/Crypto?

Oh, I loved the daytime games. It did not impact me at all. I loved to have an extra night free. It is very different for the players. The toughest part for an announcer doing a “Day” game was not saying “Tonight.” The prep was exactly the same.

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