89 Taylor Swift-themed Super Bowl prop bets

Nicole Hester-USA Today
BetOnline is offering 89 Taylor Swift themed props ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, so it's only right that The Sporting Tribune's Will Despart dives in and breaks down his top picks.

LAS VEGAS — Travis Kelce, the Chiefs and the NFL aren’t the only ones celebrating Taylor Swift’s potential involvement in next Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII telecast on CBS. Caribbean based off-shore sportsbook BetOnline has released 89 special Taylor Swift themed props ahead of the big game. 

Yes, the 89 was an intentional reference to Swift. 1989 is of course Swift’s birth year as well as the title of her most recent project, a re-release of her 2014 hit album that went nine-times platinum.

“It truly feels like the Swift storylines have become bigger than the game itself, which is just crazy considering this is the most watched event in the world every year,” said Adam Burns of BetOnline. “But if anyone can set a new bar, it’s Swift, and we wanted to do the same with our props menu.”

The props range from offerings as basic as an over/under for how long Swift will appear on screen to others more complicated and obscure, like one Yes/No prop based on whether or not either Flight 1989 or Flight 87 will be delayed on their way to Las Vegas for the festivities. 

If you didn’t know, those are two special commercial flights commissioned by American Airlines from Kansas City to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. The 87 of course references Travis Kelce and we’ve already went over 1989.

The full list of props is available on BetOnline’s website here. In the meantime, I’ll take you through some of my personal favorites and offer my “expert opinion” on what I think is worth playing. 

Pregame prop

Will Taylor Swift be seen during National Anthem?                       

Yes: +100 (1/1)
No: -140 (5/7)

I’ll take no here. The National Anthem at the Super Bowl is a sacred moment in itself, and CBS has been pretty good about letting those sacred moments breathe. Even when Swift is in the building. I expect a fair dosage of her on the broadcast, but I’d wager that it’s not during the Star Spangled Banner.

Grammy/touchdown props

Will Taylor Swift win Album of the Year Grammy AND Travis Kelce score a touchdown?

Yes: +125 (5/4)
No: -165 (20/33)

Will Taylor Swift win Record of the Year Grammy AND Travis Kelce score a touchdown?

Yes: +170 (17/10)
No: -250 (2/5)

Will Taylor Swift win Song of the Year Grammy AND Travis Kelce score a touchdown?

Yes: +300 (3/1)
No: -500 (1/5)

These are all home runs. Hammer yes and don’t look back. Swift is heavy favorite to win both Album of the Year and Record of the Year at the Grammys, with BetOnline’s own odds putting her at -1500 with her album Midnights and -250 with her hit single “Anti-Hero”. BetOnline actually gives Billie Eilish the edge in the Song of the Year odds, putting Swift at +110 behind Eilish’s -150 for her hit “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie Soundtrack. I’m going to go ahead and comfortably take Swift at plus money there, as other books such as BetMGM have her slated as the favorite to take home all three awards.

For a further music based explanation, the discernibility between Record of the Year and Song of the Year is this. The Record of the Year is an award focused on honoring the recording of a specific song and the producers, engineers and others that were involved in that effort. The Song of the Year honors the singer, songwriters and vocalists behind a respective song. 

I have a hard time believing that Swift, an artist renowned for her songwriting, won’t be taking home the Song of the Year award. The award she is slated as an underdog for by BetOnline.

If that was too long winded, here’s a shorter breakdown. You’re essentially just going to be hoping for a Travis Kelce touchdown at extremely juiced odds on Super Bowl Sunday.

Other game props

How many times will Taylor Swift be shown live?

Over/Under: 5.5 times

How long will Taylor Swift be shown live?

Over/Under: 40.5 seconds

I’ll take the over on both. The CBS broadcast of the AFC Championship reportedly showed her seven times for 44 seconds this past week. While that isn’t nearly as much as the seventeen times Swift appeared on-screen during October’s game against the Jets on NBC, a repeat performance of last week’s numbers would put us in the money zone.

With the Super Bowl broadcast being much longer and more drawn out than even your typical playoff broadcast, there will be plenty of extra chances for CBS to appease the NFL brass and give Taylor some screen time. Also, should the Chiefs be in position to win late in the game, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an extended jubilation shot from the Kelce/Swift suite.

Will Taylor Swift be holding drink during live shot?

Yes: +150 (3/2)
No: -200 (1/2)

While I can certainly hear the argument for preserving her squeaky clean image for the youngsters, this is Las Vegas baby. The Super Bowl is a high stress environment and the bottles at Allegiant Stadium flow like no other arena in sports. I’ll take the +150 value on the 34-year-old Swift being shown with a cocktail. 

Which Taylor Swift Song Will Broadcast Break to first?

Anti-Hero: 5/2 (+250)
Shake it Off: 11/4 (+275)
Bad Blood: 7/2 (+350)
You Belong With Me: 7/2 (+350)
Look What You Made Me Do: 19/1 (+475)
Blank Space: 5/1 (+500)
I Knew You Were Trouble: 11/2 (+550)
Cardigan: 8/1 (+800)

“Anti-Hero” might be Song of the Year, but given the circumstances of the event it only makes sense to bet on “Bad Blood”. I can picture them queuing it up for the first commercial break now. Bonus points if it comes after a hard hit or some kind or skirmish on the field.