April was the greatest month in professional wrestling history 

The Sporting Tribune's Adrian Hernandez outlines why April 2024 was the greatest month pro wrestling has ever experienced.

April 2024 was the greatest month in the history of professional wrestling. Please let me explain in the form of a summary of the month that was:

  • The Rock’s Return to WWE in the form of being a member of the board at TKO and returning as ‘The Final Boss’ + joining the Bloodline hit all the notes. From grown in pink robes to die hard Moana kiddos everyone felt a certain way about The Final Boss. For all we know this was the plan all along, or they had to pivot because of Cody Rhodes’ fanbase but either way they hit the landing with Rock’s return. 
  • The Story is Finished. Cody Rhodes made people around the world cry as he lifted up the Undisputed Universal WWE Championship. A 2 year story was pulled off from LA all the way to Philly but they did with the most nonsense WWE 2K type finish that hit all the perfect notes to create an unforgettable main event.
  • Speaking of beautiful stories, Mark Briscoe beat Eddie Kingston for the Ring of Honor World Title on the same day that his brother Jay Birscoe won the Ring of Honor World Title 11 years earlier. 
  • Paul Heyman gave one of the greatest induction speeches of all-time at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony & shame on WWE for having people try to follow this up. 
  • Swerve Strickland finally became AEW World Champion, so well deserved and makes history as the first African-American World Champion in All Elite Wrestling. 
  • Giulia signs with WWE and is expected to be at WWE NXT, Youtube her matches ASAP
  • Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams headlined NXT Stand & Deliver 
  • NXT Stand & Deliver had matches sponsored by Knuckles and Fallout and that just seems way too important to have be apart of this crazy month 
  • Damien Priest became WWE World HeavyWeight Champion becoming the first WWE World Champion of Puerto Rican Descent since Pedro Morales 
  • This list will continue but not it needs to be typed: Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson had one of the greatest matches of all time in the history of professional wrestling at AEW Dynasty and I need you to order the event to watch it in its entirety. The feeling of magic in that arena would make Mickey Mouse jealous. 
  • NJPW Windy City sold over 6,000 tickets and a Chicago crowd embraced ‘the scapegoat’ Jack Perry.
  • Speaking of Jack Perry, CM Punk gave his first full length interview to Ariel Helwani and spoke candidly about a lot of things that gave podcasters content for months.
  • Bayley and Sami Zayn got their roses, Rhea Ripley Wrestlemania legacy continues, and Bianca Belair/Jade Cargill/Naomi continued to dominant the entire month.
  • AEW Dynasty was one of the greatest AEW PPVs ever
  • Willow Nightingale became the face of TBS Network
  • TNA’s Rebellion PPV was very good to add onto the ridiculous month of shows like Bloodsport in Philly and beyond.
  • The Undertaker spilled the beans on Wrestlemania 41 being in Las Vegas
  • Tony Khan was a victim of a vicious attack from The Elite and then appeared all throughout the NFL Draft wearing a neckbrace. KAYFABE IS STILL ALIVE BABY! 
  • I interviewed Booker T, AJ Styles, Shelton Benjamin, Roxanne Perez, Nic Nemeth, Jade Cargill, Trick Williams, Eddie Kingston & more this month! 

Like the phrase goes “Wrestling is cool again”