Silver: NBA will expand by two teams; Las Vegas on list for franchise

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
The NBA will likely focus on expanding to Las Vegas and Seattle after the end of the 2024-2025 season.

INDIANAPOLIS – NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the league will expand by two teams when they complete their upcoming media rights deal, which expires after next season.

“We have labor peace through 2030 and now we have to get our TV deal done which will expire at the end of next year,” Silver told TNT before Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. “Once we do that, we’ll know what our television landscape will look like and we’re going to turn to expansion. It will likely be two teams. It makes sense for an organization to grow over time. One of the reasons we hadn’t expanded earlier was because even though the best players in the world come to this league, I think we were concerned about the dilution of talent. But look at the amount of talent in the league now. Look how many great teams we have with great players. I think we can take on [two teams]. There are great cities out there that want teams and I think there’s enough great players ion the world that we could field two more teams.”

Silver teased Shaquille O’Neal, who has expressed interested in being part of the ownership group of an NBA expansion franchise in Las Vegas.

“I think I heard a rumor you were looking to have one of those teams,” Silver said to O’Neal to which O’Neal smiled and said, “Yes.”

Silver had already told ESPN’s Pat McAfee earlier in the week that Las Vegas was “definitely on our list” of cities under consideration for expansion franchises.

It has long been believed that when the NBA does expand that they will place a franchise in Seattle and Las Vegas. LeBron James has been very public about his desire to be a part of the ownership group in Las Vegas as well. If Las Vegas and Seattle are awarded expansion NBA farnchiss, they would be in the Western Conference and a team like the Minnesota Timberwolves would move to the Eastern Conference.