A message to Lakers fans

The Sporting Tribune's Ryan Ward has a message for the fans.

A new season is upon us with the Los Angeles Lakers striving for an 18th NBA title, LeBron James aiming to dethrone Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the league’s all-time leading scorer, and fans of the Purple and Gold hoping for a renewed sense of optimism for the team they know and love.

As the 2022-23 NBA season approaches, I’ll be gearing up for a new journey myself as I’ve agreed to write a regular column for The Sporting Tribune about the team I’ve covered for over a decade.

I’ll remain as objective as possible while showing my perspective on what I see on the floor, behind the scenes at games, and as an avid basketball junkie.

I’ve loved this game ever since I picked up a ball when I was 13. Although the game has changed quite a bit over the years, from Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s mid-range dominance to Stephen Curry proving the game can be dominated just as easily from beyond the arc, my love has never wavered.

The sound of a swish still gives me chills, while watching and covering games only brings the best out of me, waiting to see something spectacular on the hardwood like Kobe’s 60-point finale or Davis’ dagger in the corner against the Denver Nuggets in the bubble.

I know the Lakers have struggled since their last title run, but there’s always a reason for optimism when you’ve got superstars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading the way.

Along with stories we’ll be writing about at The Sporting Tribune, we’ll be doing a lot to keep fans engaged with watch parties, giveaways, and hangouts during the season and offseason.

This won’t be just a site where we’ll be expressing our opinions and analyzing the latest news; it’ll be an experience and something we all pride ourselves in providing as we start this journey together!

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