A message to Chargers fans

The Sporting Tribune's Fernando Ramirez has a message for Chargers fans.

A 21-year-old kid pulled up to Qualcomm Stadium on the night the San Diego Chargers would face the Indianapolis Colts. Andrew Luck versus Philip Rivers.

The kid had been to Qualcomm to watch the Chargers, Padres, and several other events, but never like this. He walked in through the media tunnel. He loved sports. Growing up reading the sports page with his grandfather and then watching them all day together was life-changing.

As he walked through and found his seat in the Chargers Spanish broadcast booth, he sat down, looked around, and felt at home.

That 21-year-old was me, Fernando Ramirez. I have been around the Chargers organization since 2013, when I started an internship with the San Diego Chargers radio broadcast team with Dante Lazcano and Jorge Villanueva.

Ever since I sat down in my seat, I have hustled to get to where I am today, which is being the Chargers reporter for The Sporting Tribune.

Since 2013, I have built a relationship with Chargers fans.

One of my favorite times of the year is training camp. The media stand by the fence to watch practice, and the fans are an arm’s length away. I love when fans interact with me, whether by saying “What’s up, Bro?” my catchphrase on Compas on the Beat or just a simple “Hey Fernando.”

I love listening to how fans see the team, whether by very high expectations or more lukewarm. It also allows me to know what the fans want to know about the team because that is why reporters do their jobs; it is to be the bridge between the team and the fans.

Joining The Sports Tribune was a no-brainer because they are about connecting with the community. Chargers fans know I will provide the best information for them so they can keep up with their favorite team.

I can’t wait to continue connecting with fans, whether they are old relationships I have built or new fans that have recently joined. It will be my honor to again provide the best coverage for everyone this upcoming season.

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