Caleb Williams unveils the leader he has become on and off the field

USC's offensive line suffered a big loss on Tuesday as coach Lincoln Riley confirmed a season-ending injury to Gino Quinones.

LOS ANGELES — USC head coach Lincoln Riley announced that Gino Quinones will miss the remainder of the season. The Injury occurred during game against Nevada in the first quarter.

Here are three takeaways from the practice this week:

Trojans returning and Gino done for the season

Riley mentioned after practice to the media that Quinones would miss the remainder of the season with a lower leg injury. Quinones had plenty of playing time last season, which basically got him ready to take a step forward in the rotation but injury stopped him. There’s been lots of movement with the offensive line and now, they have more pieces to move. He was so reliable for this coaching staff as the team was excited with quininos improvement during camp. This is the second player who is dealing with a season ending injury alongside defensive lineman Solomon Tuilaupupu.

We can expect Tackett Curtis and Raesjon Davis on the field as both were out there making plays for the defense during practice. Hopefully the team can stay healthy moving forward which is a concern due to the availability of players with game experience.

Caleb Williams responds to the comments in the newly released article in GQ magazine

GQ Magazine recently released a story on Caleb Williams and his father, Carl Williams, made a few interesting comments about his son possibly not entering the NFL Draft and stay another year in school.

If there’s not a good situation, the truth us, he can come back to school.”

Williams was asked after practice on Wednesday and his response was simple. “I got Stanford this week.” He continued to say, he’s worried about the next ten games he has this year.

“That’ll be the answer to all of those questions towards the NFL.”

Williams had no time for those questions and is locked in on Stanford this Saturday night.

Duce Robinson will be playing for USC Baseball this upcoming season

We have a multi-sport athlete on the team as freshman WR Duce Robinson announces he will be also playing baseball for USC after the season is over. The five-star freshman is looking forward in playing and has been in communication with the baseball coach constantly as they work towards the season.

Robinson is 6’6- 225 lbs and believes he can have success in both sports moving forward. He entered the 2023 MLB Draft and was not selected and now comes to USC as he is transcending in both sports.

One of the touchdowns this past weekend was a 71-yard catch by Robinson late in the 4th quarter which sealed the game. We definitely will see more from the freshman moving forward on the football field.